motherboard replacement

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    Moving Windows 10 to new hardware motherboard and drives

    I am planning to install a new motherboard and drives, an upgrade. Old one is 5 years old. I want to retain all my apps and data without having to reinstall everything or in some cases replace with new. Currently Windows is on an M.2 180 GB drive and data on a 1 TB HDD. I used the option to...
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    Front headphone jack to rear jack & panel without realtek

    Hello all and thank you all for reading my thread, before anything sorry for any language errors, grammar .etc! So once again like the topic suggest's this is the question. How to change headphone front jack to rear jack & panel without realtek? Is there possibly some other software that could...
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    Solved Motherboard Replacement Help

    So I have an Alienware Aurora R4, and earlier this spring my house was hit by lightning and it created multiple problems in the motherboard. It fried almost all of the USB ports and all the headphone/mic jacks. Bottom line, I need a new motherboard; here are the parts/software in the computer...
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    Motherboard MSI MS-7798 (B75MA)

    Hi my PC recently went pop and after investigation looks like the motherboard has broken. As the MS-7798 is quite old I'd like a sensibly priced replacement, next generation from this maybe ? Any recommendations ? Thank you.