1. L

    Can’t get into bios!

    Please help!! Can’t get into bios setup (wanting to do a clean install of windows 10) I have a asus p6t motherboard and I’ve tried doing what it says to press del (even holding, rapid pressing, even other keys like f12, tab, etc) to no avail. Is my keyboard not registering before it starts...
  2. W

    Dell Inspiron 13 7000 bad DC Jack/receptacle

    First please forgive me if this is out of place, I could not find a category for my problem. Hello, I have a refurbished dell 13 7000 series laptop. Therefore it does not have a service tag sticker on the bottom. My problem(s) is the DC power Jack/receptacle broke off the Motherboard when I...
  3. S

    Motherboard just started 3 beeps on start up

    I had a brand new PC build for me with all new parts back in August 2020 and has been working fine since, however last week when I turn the PC on it didn't display the usual ASUS logo and the options to get into the BIOS, instead the PC beeped 3 times and then after about 30 seconds loaded up...
  4. K

    Solved PC fans that plug into PSU or motherboard?

    i am going to get more PC fans but I'm not sure where to plug them into. do all 9 of them have to be plugged into the mother board or the PSU because the fans I'm getting come with a Pc fan connector hub. the goes into a sad cable I think so does it go into the PSU or motherboard, THANK YOU!
  5. Roader

    Solved My motherboard is dead

    So i have got this pc last year, nothing wrong everything went all right. When after a while it started to boot up then restart one or two times for some days or for a week but then it started working fine again. Two months ago it started to have this problem again but in a day it didnt even...
  6. Poseidon1112

    VGA fans are not spining

    Hello! I have a dell system Optiplex 9020 System: CPU: intel core i3 - 4130 3,40ghz RAM: 16gb ddr3 1600 mhz VGA: asus gt 640 2gb ddr3 I changed the PSU from 290 watt to 450 watt Okay so I installed my graphics card into the motherboard but the graphics card's fans doesn't work. Why? In my old...
  7. D20

    Solved Installing new mobo, vga and boot lights on

    Hi there, I originally built my pc in mid 2017. Recently, I had to replace the motherboard as it died, for no apparent reasoning. I installed a new board, checked that the parts would work together in advance, seemed fine. I've got everything put back together, and my vga and boot lights are...
  8. preet3shah

    Switching from intel to amd

    I currently have an intel 6400 cpu from when I built my pc 5-6 years ago. I want to make an upgrade on the cpu for the use of mainly video editing and gaming. When I get a new motherboard and cpu, what should I look out for when installing the motherboard and cpu to my pc. Are there any wire...
  9. ljcollin

    CPU light on mobo, no signal

    Had some ram spare from an old build, tried to install it into my pc. Seemed okay, got into the BIOS and everything seemed normal - the new sticks were recognised. went to restart, and the cpu light is on my motherboard, fans spinning but no signal to monitor. have tried removing the new ram...
  10. Maniekkk

    DRAM problem

    Hi, so i’ve built my first PC and i have one problem. When i start it everything works, leds, fans but there’s a light on my motherboard near DRAM and as i said leds on my ram work. Motherboard: ASUS TUF GAMING X570 PLUS WIFI RAM: CRUCIAL BALLISTIX 3600MHZ
  11. mgagneq

    RAM upgrade confusion /mobo sysinfo innacurate

    [Asus ROG Strix GL10CS][GL10CS-BS761-CB] I've been at this for at least 15 hours straight now, I'd love some input from someone more knowledgable. My machine is not giving accurate enough info for me to go for an upgrade. I just want to find the best RAM kit to max out what this mobo can...
  12. Ghostwokiee

    Hard drives Disappearing

    Hello I have been having troubles the last 3-ish months with first my E: drive and then my drive. And as of tonight I cannot get into BIOS and booting is VERY slow. I have my OS installed on a m.2 drive and some other stuff on my SSD, neither of them are affected by these issues. I used to be...
  13. MasterCoombs

    When trying to enter my BOIS settings I get a black screen

    I am using an 8 your old PC. Whenever I try to enter the BOIS settings I just get a black screen. Another thing that might be of use is that the BOOT Device Led stays red once I try and open BIOS settings. Also my motherboard does not have integrated graphics The Things I have tried so far...
  14. L

    PC turns on but no signal and no light on mouse or keyboard

    Hello, I bought new PSU, new SSD, new RAM, and I had Asrock h110m-dgs with Core i5 6400 from 2017. When I connect to DVI on MBO and turn PC on, there is no signal and no light on mouse or keyboard. Sometimes, very rarely, I get it to work, but its pretty random. Do you think I should buy new...
  15. Altwaalsgd

    What happened to my laptop's motherboard?

    I was cleaning my laptop, I had disassembled it completely, I accidentally plugged the NVIDIA graphics cable upside down, I only touched it and something sparked in the laptop, the spark was from the bottom left side of the motherboard near the CMOS battery, I don't think its the CMOS battery...
  16. GamerBlackAcid

    Motherboard shows Memory Error and doesn't POST

    Hi everyone, I have a BIOSTAR TA880GB+ motherboard. Link for the motherboard product page can be found here. And the manual is inserted along with this post. I am planning to use this motherboard for another PC as I recently got a new motherboard upgrade for my main PC. The PC which i built...
  17. Allewyn

    AM4 socket compatibility

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit, Build 19041, Installed 20200818235003.000000-420 Processor: AMD A10-7800 Radeon R7, 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G, AMD64 Family 21 Model 48 Stepping 1, CPU Count: 4 Total Physical RAM: 16 GB Graphics...
  18. Beta420

    Lighting Struck (Motherboard)

    Hello, I recently had a case where lightning struck my computer, and my motherboard (a320m-k) was damaged. I bought the same one, connected all the components however when I turn on the computer the power supply seems to give voltage for seconds. The spark plug in the center flashes, as well as...
  19. J

    Motherboard or cpu issue

    Hello , so I costumed built my water coolant pc , everything was running great . Then one day I decided to upgrade my graphics card to a better one so that I can game . I had on there working GeForce 8800 GTX and the graphics card I bought used from somebody on offerup to try to upgrade it was...
  20. G

    New motherboard won't start PC

    Hi, I upgraded my main PC and tried to upgrade my second(kinda old computer) with components from main computer. I bought new MBASRock B365 PRO4 - Intel B365 and used Intel Core i5-6500, HyperX Fury Black 8GB DDR4 2133 and Zalman ZM600-GSII - 600W. I put everything inside case and turned on PC...