1. Z

    Broken power / volume buttons

    Hello, I own a Motorola E4 Plus and the power / volume buttons are broken. Due to this, I cannot power on my phone. The phone is completely charged and the screen works too. I have tried adb & fastboot but my device is not being recognised by my PC. Is there any way for me to power on my...
  2. O

    Strange home internet issue

    My home internet has been working fine for years for me and my roommate. Our setup is that we get internet from Time Warner Cable/Spectrum. We have a cable modem connected to a router. My roommate connects his laptop to an ethernet port of the router. A Roku streamer is connected to another...
  3. J

    Motorola Razr Classic Shuts Off After Loading

    Looks like this phone ( ) Yeah, it's a pretty old phone but last time I used it (which was a year or so ago) it worked fine. Now every time I...
  4. D

    Android Speech-to-Text Box NOT CLOSING

    Hello, I'm glad that I found this forum because I have an infuriating problem with my phone. I am using a Motorola E 2nd Gen and the problem is that the google voice speech-to-text box cannot be closed, therefore I am unable to access my normal keyboard. I can use the voice keyboard, and delete...
  5. C

    Arris sbg6580, ethernet lag, gaming plus netflix

    Hi guys, I have a Motorola arris sbg6580 modem router combo. I have a desktop pc and ps4 That I use mostly. My ps4 is used for streaming Netflix or YouTube while I game online with my pc. I also have a couple phones connected to the Wi-Fi. The ps4 an pc are usually connected by ethernet and...