mouse acceleration

  1. micromos

    Mouse Speed

    I have my mouse speed at the max. I scan a lot of photos and find that when my mouse is in the lower left hand area of the screen I have to extend my arm out very far to reach the upper right hand corner. It is very slow. Is there a way to have the mouse move faster than my hand movement? It...
  2. C

    Mouse sensitivity changes randomly

    I am on Windows 10 1909. My mouse sensitivity and pointer speed just changes by itself without me changing it. I have enhance pointer precision off and also on my mouse software there is no mouse acceleration. This bug is really annoying when playing Fortnite as it just changes the speed to...
  3. S

    Mouse Lag When Fortnite Opened

    Hello people, I need some help with my mouse lag as stated in the title. Normally my mouse is perfectly fine; it is a g203 with up to date driver. But when I run fortnite and it opens up, my mouse starts to have crazy delay and it moves super slow; kind of like lag. I have searched for...
  4. B

    Mouse pixel skipping/acceleration

    Hello everybody, I really need help with my mouse pixel skipping/acceleration. It clearly jumps pixels, but also jumps suddenly on slow to medium speed movements. Please read to the end, this is not something trivial! I ran out of all options I know of on the Internet, for years already. I...