1. A

    Accidentally deleted upperfilters for keyboard and mouse

    Hello, I accidentally deleted upperfilters for keyboard and mouse on my lenovo PC windows 10 on regedit and now after restart, they both dont work. They only work in BIOS. Any help please?
  2. N

    Mouse and keyboard not recognized fresh W10

    I reset an old PC to a fresh W10 install. All went well. At Boot, wired keyboard and mouse work in BIOS (not UEFI) but when W10 starts initializing and asks for what region I’m in, I cannot respond because the keyboard and mouse don’t respond. How do I get the proper drivers into the system...
  3. J

    Pluralinput Mouse 1.0 has a ! and won't work with Rival 100

    Hi All, I'm trying to connect my Rival 100 mouse to my Dell G3 Laptop (Windows 10 - 32bit) and it won't work. The windows notification say its good to go however it doesn't work. I check my drivers and it shows this: I try updating them but they're the newest drivers out. I also tried rolling...
  4. J

    Mouse problems

    When I click on the left mouse button I get a menu pop up. It's not the same menu as the right click mouse. I have tried unplugging the mouse and plugging it into a different port, but same problem. Really buggers up using the computer
  5. T

    New Mobo Do i need Windows 10?

    Hey all, It been a very long time since i posted here and i Hope ppl are doing ok. I got a New Processor Motherboard and ram i had install them, unfortually.. i ran in to an issue... hoping someone might be able to double check my findings.... When i load up the OS, Windows 7 64bit. My Keyboard...
  6. R

    Multiple instances of Bluetooth services

    Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 142 Stepping 10 Processor Count: 8 RAM: 8000 Mb Graphics Card: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C: 225 GB...
  7. Farmgirl22

    Mouse+Keyboard Combo W10 suggestions for better than these?

    I currently have two of these keyboard+mice combos in my office. One has been giving me fits for at least a year (basically since I upgraded to windows 10) and the other i just bought today, and I don't love either one. Old one is Logitech K350 Wave Pros: Love the shape of the keyboard Mouse...
  8. S

    New Fix Required for immense Mouse lag in Win 8.1

    Hello guys, this is going to be my first activity on these forums, and for a good reason too. I am in need of some help to fix this annoying mouse stutter that has been bothering me for weeks. The mouse cursor stops registering any inputs for a few seconds and then resumes as normal. It makes...
  9. B

    trackpad issues

    I have an ASUS with Windows 10 and usually there's a feature where I can tap with two fingers to right click but it hasn't been working for a few days. All the ways on how to re-enable it that I've searched online aren't working. Really need some assistance
  10. D

    Windows 8 factory reset with outside hardware

    Good afternoon, I am going to factory reset my Dell windows 8 laptop. The problem is, I got the laptop in really bad condition. I'm using outside monitor (vga) and outside keyboard and mouse (both usb). My question is after a factory reset, will the outside monitor, mouse and keyboard work? I'm...
  11. A

    Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping Up/Down/Opposite on Use

    I've read many other threads and have yet to find a solution. Using Windows 10 The mouse scrolling on browsers, applications, games, notepad, etc. jumps any time I attempt to scroll. I'm currently using an AZIO GM2400 Gaming Mouse but have used multiple other branded and types of mice and the...
  12. K

    Driver error code 39, for mouse. (Windows 10)

    Hi everybody, I have a good head scratcher for you all! Have a desktop acer with touchscreen with Windows 10, V. 1803 My mouse stoped working, and the mouse pointer is gone! Got me a driver error code 39, "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware, The driver may be corrupted or...
  13. D

    Razer DeathAdder White Light

    My Razer Deathaddder That I got yesterday will allow me to turn change the colour of it using razer synapse but then after a bit the light turns a plain white without changing back to the colour I have set it to. Please help. Thanks
  14. M

    Wandering cursor

    The cursor for my wireless mouse wanders on its own. I've changed battery several times, cleaned the mouse, changed the surface the mouse sits on and nothing seems to help. Am open to suggestions. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64...
  15. M

    Constant Mouse Lag

    Hi! As of a few months ago my mouse has begun to lag. It's not significant but it's enough that I can no longer draw on my laptop. The mouse will move normally then freeze and reappear where it should be. I have tried many things to fix this myself, including erasing all personal files and...
  16. T

    Keyboard and Mouse unresponsive after driver error

    Hi, I'm currently using the following pc; HP Compaq Elite 8300 OS: windows 10 64 bit Processor: i5-3570 3.4Ghz Processor count : 4 RAM: 8 Gb Graphics card : Nvidia Geforce gtx 1050 ti I recently installed an emulator for a controller, which unfortunately tried to also install drivers for my...
  17. W

    Searching for a good wireless mouse

    Like the title says I'm looking for a good mouse that is wireless. Also I have a couple of simple games I'm playing (old point and clicks) for which I would use it. I've found this model online but I have no experience with it so I'm wondering do you guys know something more...
  18. Robert the Bruce

    Mouse Problem

    Please see screenshot. When I try to click on the arrow or the 'Most Popular First' option my mouse won't work. This isn't the first time this has happened. Sometimes the mouse just won't play. My O.S. is Windows 10 and I have a PC. Anyone know why this would happen ?
  19. Farmgirl22

    Logitech MK550 combo works intermittently

    Windows 10 Desktop Logitech MK550 Keyboard+Mouse Combo I've had this set up for a couple of years and it's been flawless. At least until the last 2 or 3 months. I had read somewhere that there was an update to windows 10 that was causing some problems with wireless mice/keyboards and to roll...
  20. G

    USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port

    Hey, so my mouse stopped working. After couple of minutes so did my keybord and internet. I tried to restart the PC couple of times, it didn't fix anything, but now my PC started to restart itself after 1-5minutes of turning it on. I went to computer repair shop, they said my power supply was...