mp3 player

  1. E

    Solved Connect MP3 player by USB

    My MP3 player won't connect to my computer. It charges through the computer so I can see it is plugged in and the USB works but it is not recognised by Media player or in This PC in my C: or my D:. Does anyone know any troubleshooting tips/tips in general/where to find it? Edition: Windows 10...
  2. T

    Coby MP3 player

    I have a Coby Mp601 mp3 player my wife and I bought years ago. They have been on the self for about 3 to 4 years now, but I want to use it again. When I pull it in it only comes up with open device to see files. I know the software is on the player but I have no way to get it up to install so I...
  3. pointofnoreturn

    USB MP3 Player keeps turning off when connected.

    I own an mp3 player that I should theoretically be able to connect to my PC via USB port in order to charge, add/remove music, etc. but now, every time I plug it in, the player automatically starts to turn off once plugged in, and when it turns off, I can no longer access the files on it through...
  4. M

    I want to buy software to play mp3's

    I'm looking for software to play my mp3's on my laptop. I've tried everything I can find for free, and I haven't found what I'm looking for. So I want to buy something. Does anyone here have experience with this kind of software? All I need is something easy to install and setup, that will...