1. K

    Garbled Music on Micro SD Card

    Hello all, I have this odd problem on my micro sd that has been slotted in my Huawei Mate 9 for a few months now, I use it to store and play my own music that I download through a program called AVC (Any Video Converter) on a PC and convert it to MP3 files. They play beautifully, only that...
  2. ratmansean

    MP3 Album Art

    Hi, I've been trying to add album art to a rip of a CD I bought a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I open it on Windows Media Player or VLC, the art shows up, but on my phone it shows a white box or the unknown art icon. I was wondering if anyone could help me to sort this? Thanks in advance
  3. E

    Solved Connect MP3 player by USB

    My MP3 player won't connect to my computer. It charges through the computer so I can see it is plugged in and the USB works but it is not recognised by Media player or in This PC in my C: or my D:. Does anyone know any troubleshooting tips/tips in general/where to find it? Edition: Windows 10...
  4. F

    Difficulties burning DRM-protected Apple Music to CD

    Hello all of you! I am burning a few CD mixes for my BFF as part of her Christmas gift. I've just synced my Apple Music playlists to a computer and inserted a blank CD-R. When I click under File>Burn Playlist to Disk the burning process seems to start, then I get a prompt saying my files are...
  5. C

    YouTube downloader

    Good day. Always get good advice here. Best straight forward free YouTube to MP3 music downloader around. Thanks peter
  6. AntonyM64

    WMP and File Explorer show mp3s as "unknown"

    Hopefully someone can help with this odd problem. Everything was fine until the other day. Then I noticed that a few songs in Windows Media Player were no longer showing Artist or Album info. So I rebuilt the WMP library, and now NONE of my mp3s have ANY info. But m4a files do. And this is...
  7. G

    Solved How to convert MP3 to Audio CD w/o WMP

    My computer has Windows 7 OS. Originally, it contained WMP, but I found it too intrusive. I wanted to use VLC and WMP interrupted me. I deleted all WM folders from my computer using the regedit to find and delete. Now that I am driving longer distances on the interstates, I want to listen...
  8. O

    Creating a Playlist on a thumbdrive

    I've created a music playlist as a gift, consisting of mp3 downloads. I want to have the playlist exported from a PC windows 7, to a thumb/flash drive so that the person I'm giving it to can insert the thumb drive to his android phone and have it play automatically. I already found out that in...
  9. M

    I've had trouble finding an mp3 player similar to Winamp.

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this problem... Please let me know if this is inappropriate. For years, I used and loved Winamp. When it started getting harder to use, I tried finding something to replace it. I've tried many suggestions, and I've been disappointed and...
  10. J

    Dropbox or Amazon AWS for Streaming?

    Hi, I am developing a membership site for my business. My coder said we can host some mp3 files to be streamed from within the member site on AWS or Dropbox. I'm moderately techy myself but can't seem to find some answers to something. I don't mind paying for a solution so this isn't so much...
  11. D

    usb MTP device not recognized

    Hey guys. I'm trying to get my Cowon J3 MP3 player to work with my HP Elitebook 8440p. I know, I know- who uses MP3 players anymore right? Well I love this thing to death- it sounds great and has awesome battery life even after something like 7 years or more. My problem is when I try to connect...
  12. H

    Rip audiobook to individual files

    I recently bought Star Wars the Original Radio Drama on audiobook. I want to copy/rip this into mp3 files so I can listen to them on my phone and/or mp3 player. I have windows 8.1 and using media player to rip them. However, the problem occurs when I insert the second disc and media player...
  13. Z

    Analog Whole

    I've been using Analog Whole on my desk top for a number of years with no problems. However, now I've switched to a laptop, it is recording through the mic and not the audio file. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?