ms access

  1. K

    Copy field data in Access

    I posted this on another forum but only heard crickets, so maybe it can't be done. I'm a novice at Access and this seems like iit should be easy to do but I have searched and cannot find an answer on how to do it. Not sure if the best method would be to try to do it in VBA - but I have had no...
  2. M

    Default field in Access 2013

    I have created this program in Access to keep volleyball stats. I simply enter a players number and an action (Serve in, Serve out, positive touch, negative touch, etc) the actions are all entered by a number. I want to have each record refer to a match and set but I want to have that data...
  3. Margo12

    Access 2010 Database Password Recovery

    I used to have a program called Password Retrieval Lite, or something like that, that would expose the passwords on .mdb databases but I haven't located one that a can expose .accdb files. I have some old databases that I had on a back up drive that I can't remember their passwords and am not...
  4. C

    Sending email with HTML from within MS Access 2013

    I don't know if anyone else has had a problem with the boring-ness of plain text emails. The following is code that works. I'm sure the moderators will delete if it's not a worthwhile post for the forum. Step 1 Set up your mail as a string with the html code embedded. You can use <b> bold and...