ms office

  1. farooq8171

    Need excel formula

    I want vlookup or other formula for my sheet. When i enter class Name "One", "Two", "Three" etc. All students Names of that particular class appear in a list.
  2. H

    Laptop says Windows hasn't been acivated.....

    Hi guys. My Dell laptop (using Windows 10 software) started playing up today and wouldn't turn on without saying it was diagnosing (this is after updating before it switched off the last time) and going to an Automatic Repair Screen. So I clicked Auto Repair but than my laptop said it couldn't...
  3. W

    MS Outlook 2010

    Hi, I'm having problems reinstalling MS Office Outlook 2010. I have an hotmail account that when MS switched over to Outlook my MS Outlook stopped receiving mail. I backed up my data and deleted my MS Office Outlook account and reinstalled it. When I got to the end of the installation it...
  4. J

    Accidentally Uninstalled MS Office 365

    Yes, it was incredibly stupid to accidentally uninstall it. But twice, I got audio malware after installing a completely different program and when I looked to see which new programs were installed to find out if malware was installed, MS Office 365 was installed on the same date as the program...