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    Multiple Instances of Blank Word Documents

    Hello, I'm new here. Whenever I restart my PC (Windows 10 Lenovo) multiple blank MS Word documents (often as many as 30) open and are really difficult to shut down. Can anyone give me a step by step fix for this? Many thanks.
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    Usually happens when running WORD or Ms Outlook from my desktop. Message is "not responding" then after I try to recover, it goes to a black screen. I am a real novice when it comes to this stuff. Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64...
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    MS Word copy-paste problem

    Hi guys! My problem is that I can't paste anything to ms word, not a text or a picture from the clipboard. If I press ctrl+v a symbol appears from a new font what I installed earlier and used. I tried to reinstall but it didnt worked. The copy-paste command works in excel and in other programs...
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    Unable to use Mouse when recording a Macro in word

    I am not fully able to use the mouse keys when recording a Macro in Microsoft Word 2007. Is there a way to overcome it. For instance without mouse, how can I get Table properties in Word 2007?
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    Solved MS Word Loop macro until end of document

    Hi. Need help on this. I'm trying to loop this macro until end of document, or until no auto 'work' text is found. Macro should search all 'work' texts and extends it until the next ), then mark them red, then repeat until end of document. Selection.HomeKey Unit:=wdStory...
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    unwanted text appearing, cannot use office 2013

    Hi, We have windows 10 and office 2013. Every time we try to work in Word, it goes wonky. Tons of text appearing when you don't type it. Looks like copy/paste of random things typed. Additionally, the curser will randomly fly to the top. Sometimes, it flies to the top, and unwanted text appears...
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    Accidentally Uninstalled MS Office 365

    Yes, it was incredibly stupid to accidentally uninstall it. But twice, I got audio malware after installing a completely different program and when I looked to see which new programs were installed to find out if malware was installed, MS Office 365 was installed on the same date as the program...