multi monitor setup

  1. 3

    Connect laptop with desktop for peripherals & multi display

    What I first thought was a simple task has left me a bit boggled. I have 2 PCs: my desktop, which I use for general gaming, and my laptop, which remotes into my office. After several months of working from home on my laptop my back is killing me. I thought, "why don't I connect the laptop to...
  2. B

    Multiple displays

    Just need some clarification for my at home work set up. When at work i use a docking station that is connected to 2 displays laptop is always closed. While at home I would like to have the same sort of set up. Where I can use multiple displays and not worry about the laptop screen. Have them as...
  3. B

    Twin monitor problem

    I am using Win 10 x64. I just got a new monitor and set it up next to the old one, and this is my first time using mutli-screens.. The old monitor dates from 2004, but it's doing fine. I have set the new monitor up as the "main" one. The weird part right now is that, if I right click Start and...
  4. N

    Primary monitor won't work anymore

    Hello! I am currently having an issue where it appears that the newest Nvidia driver is causing issues for me with multi-monitor setups in ANY game. If I run a game at 1920x1080 or lower resolution, it displays on my secondary monitor which natively runs at x1080. My primary is at 3840x2160. No...
  5. D

    Solved Connecting Multiple Monitors

    I am trying to connect two external monitors to my laptop for additional display space and can't get them both to connect. Each monitor is a bit older and I have a DVI-HDMI adapter connected to each, an HDMI cable then running from those to my laptop. However my laptop only has one HDMI port...
  6. R

    Monitors not identifying correctly

    Hello, OK, So i have a quad monitor setup and im having some strange issues with them mot being identified correctly. From left to right then top windows identity's as 2314, (Should be noted that unlike 123, My 4th display is not always on) I use 2 additional custom docks, Called nexus and...
  7. G

    Multiple monitors?

    I would like to set up dual monitors for my desktop. Is it possible to use the video card on the motherboard (vga) for one monitor and my dedicated card (hdmi) for then second?
  8. B

    want to make triple display

    I would like to make a triple display, one being my laptop and two msi optix g27c's. I know I would need a docking station and ws wondering if this would work: It has one dvi and one hdmi and I want to know if it is ok to use...
  9. GingaNinja783

    Need help with a 6 monitor setup

    Hi everyone I am currently running a 4 monitor setup on a NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB and want to upgrade to 6 monitors for gaming. I plan on having it in a 3w X 2h configuration I would like to be able to play a single game on the top 3 monitors and have other resources such as Discord, web browser and...