1. M

    Trying to Figure Out How To Charge a Batter With a DC Motor

    I'm working on a project with turning an electric motor into a generator to charge a car battery but I can't figure out the the amount of amperage or wattage with a multimeter; I do know that it does exceed 20Ah. Is there a Way I can figure it out? I've also found that the amount of amperage per...
  2. T

    Sparks at red multimeter tip

    i’ve googled it and not found an answer, but whenever i hold the red multimeter probe against the dc jack’s output pins on the motherboard i get clear sparks, everytime, with multimeter set to 20 V. I’ve detected no difference in function or readings since the sparks occurred. What could be the...
  3. Saltyone

    Help please testing a Marine telephone cord

    I've had nothing but problems dealing with AT&T. Here's what I need help with: I have a Marine telephone cord that AT&T claims has a short, this is the second cord it is new. I believe I need to test this cord for continuity if there is continuity there is no short, right? I have a...