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    Help with multiple display issues

    Hi, we use two TVs connected to a computer through an HDMI splitter to display videos and presentations. When displaying slides and images, everything appears on both monitors correctly with no glitches. When I play a video, one monitor always starts flickering to black and will not work...
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    Two Monitors + Laptop - Duplicated Image DELL

    Hi, I am trying to get my dell lap top to project to two additional dell monitors. I can get the laptop to project to one of the external monitors, but it will only duplicate external screen number two to external screen number three. I can not get my laptop to register the 3rd screen or have...
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    Multiple displays in classroom

    I am a teacher with a large classroom. The room us very narrow, but long. Consequently, I inevitably have students in the back that can't see. To get around this problem, I am trying to have both a front-of-room and back-of-room display. My main computer connects to a projector. I currently...
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    Using both DVI and DP on Nvidia Quadro 620 graphics card

    Hi there, I have 2 x Nvidia Quadro graphics cards and am trying to connect 2 monitors to each (4 monitors in total). Each card has two ports but it is only recognising the monitors plugged into the DP, not the DVI port! Running Windows 10 Pro Please help, this is driving me crazy!
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    Extended Display Woes

    Hi Everyone! So I am having some issues extending my display. I just got a refurbished 2016 Dell XPS 13 laptop (Win 10 64-bit, i7, 8GB RAM). A great laptop so far, but the problem is that it won't extend or project onto my TV. The computer recognizes the additional screen (a Toshiba TV) but...