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  1. K

    some basic itunes questions from a techno-fool

    I am an old man who has a ridiculously large music collection. I have far more music from my old record collection than technological sense. I use itunes and Windows 10. I tried to ask these questions on the Apple forum and no one helped me... :( I have Apple Music, and my iTunes collection...
  2. T

    Transfering media files from Pc to micro sd issues.

    I have recently been trying to transfer about 5k songs from the my pc to my external SD card 128gb to then put into my phone. I have had nonstop issues with this, as when I try to mass transfer all 25gb over everything works fine until I try to play said music. First I try mass transfer using...
  3. Y

    Access - Creating Written Music Library Database

    Operating System: MS Windows 10 Software: Access - Verion 2007 New to using Access. Trying to create published Music Library Database with the following elements Data Entry Form Fields: Record Number, Title, Composer, Written for (SATB), Category (General, Christmas, Easter, Patriotic)...
  4. M

    Sorting itunes and music on hard drive

    Hi I have quite a large music collection which is all over the place. Alot of duplicates and music with labels missing. I find itunes hard to use and every time i sync i seem to duplicate. My questions are 1) is there a way to sort through folders and files and delete duplicates and arrange...
  5. Mr. Newton

    Music tags not showing

    I am using Windows 7 and ripping cd's with dbpoweramp.I use jriver as my playback program.I used to be able to see all the tags of a nusic file when I opened properties>details,but now I get just a couple of tags,like date modified and song title.There is no jpg album art,no 16 or 24 bit info...