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    Games crash shortly after launching

    I have a new gaming laptop which has been running smoothly for the last 2 weeks. All of a sudden I cannot play any games as shortly after running them they just mysteriously crash, this includes games downloaded on the PC, games on steam and games in UPlay. I have looked online for a fix but...
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    Mystery of the blank monitor

    I have finished building a computer but I cannot get a signal on my monitor, easy enough right? Nope. I have replaced GPU, CPU, mobo, HDMI, and I triple checked all plugs are in and tight everything is getting power. But sadly my monitor refuses to even recognize a computer is even on. I've...
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    Mysterious HDD problem

    Hi everyone, I have been using a friend's laptop HDD connected to my intel dg 41 desktop motherboard. That was the only HDD connected to the computer and was working fine. A few days ago the friend asked for his HDD and I bought a new desktop HDD. Here after the mystery begins.. I plugged...