1. M

    Monitor dies, then audio's out, tower has died afterward

    Title, but this is a newly refurbished computer. Monitors (plural) brand new. Got the new everything. Set it up. Randomly the monitors would go black. Within 5 seconds the audio would turn off (sometimes it would cut back in for a second at random intervals). There were at least 2 occasions the...
  2. Z

    Solved Internet suddenly slowed down

    Hi, About 2 weeks ago my download speed suddenly dropped to barely enough to browse, it fluctuates between almost nothing and 50k. I haven't installed anything special and changed no hardware. Other computers on the same network have no similar issues. I use Windows 7. My network setup is...
  3. H

    HELP! Content showing 0 bytes on USB devices

    I am using Windows 10 When saving images to a USB drive, the images appear in the drive with all the correct properties - when I try to delete, the 'are you sure' dialogue box appears and reads the file as '0 bytes' - the projector I want to read these images cannot read them (unsupported...
  4. PurplePhoenix

    Mystery - Can't access certain sites.

    I'm usually pretty good with PC troubleshooting, but I'm stumped on this one. PC gamer here who abuses Google to help figure things out. I can't access or search on ebay and I had a load of issues with car insurance quote sites. Those were the things that got me investigating. It's...