1. S

    How to Connect My CloudFlare Domain with Hosting

    DON'T REPLY BASED ON HEADLINE, PLEASE READ FULL INFORMATION BELOW - I've purchased a domain for start my newly blog so I registered my domain on CloudFlare. But after purchasing hosting I checked on CloudFlare that THEY DON'T ALLOW CUSTOM NAME SERVER UPDATION. menas I can't update my nameserver...
  2. J

    Change Forum Name

    Hi, Is there any way to change my forum name/handle? I would rather it was JamesCRocks rather than Kyuuketsuki. I'd say I'd grown up a bit but I'm 62 so that doesn't seem likely :) James
  3. R

    PowerShell-Excel - Importing sheets

    Hello- This is my first post here so apologies if I'm off on how to submit. I'm a newbie to PowerShell and was handed a script someone else wrote to now run on my own. The problem is, the data I'm getting is getting inconsistent so rather than rely on them to make it so or manually alter it...
  4. DamnDaniel

    Solved #Name? Error on adding new fields

    Hi, I am using MS Access 2010. I recently added new fields to my table and then added them to a linked existing form. Whenever I save any record, it displays #Name? on those new fields only! I have tried everything I know about access and vba but can't figure out why is this happening. And yes...