1. M

    Synology NAS Email server setup for custom domain

    Hello everyone, I believe what i am trying to do is reasonably easy but i am having a hard time finding anyone with the experience or expertise for pay or free to help with what i am trying to do. I own a small business and would like to use our own cloud service for email and possible hosting...
  2. Oujisama

    networked USB Drive Attached to Router Issue

    How to change network drive permissions back to user 0 group 0 from user admin group admin? Can’t access any folders with the admin admin permissions on Mac or Windows Router is an Netgear Nighthawk r9000 HD is an 10tb WesternDigital OSs’ Windows 10 professional, MAC OS Catalina ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”...
  3. kenwoodfox

    Hardware rated for higher-than received speeds

    Hello all, I'm having trouble talking to my main NAS machine over my network, for help explaining ive drawn a diagram. My problem is between my windows machines and my NAS, as outlined, all the hardware between me and the NAS should be rated for at least 72mb/s if not more and yet my max speed...
  4. T

    Can't connect to my NAS without getting a security message

    In my Local Network have a NAS WD MyCloudEx2 Ultra with the latest SW and are running a PLEX Server on it which hosts my Music Library. I have a an IMAC with MAC OS Mojave 10.14.6. This ha been working perfectly well for a couple of years. But since a week or two I get the following message when...
  5. K

    Buffalo navigator can't find TS1200D0402

    Hello, I have attached the Buffalo TS1200D0402 to my network. I tried to set it up by using the Navigator software Buffalo provides. It did not find the NAS. The router IP is I suspect that the default IP of the NAS is outside the IP range of the router, bnut I am not a network...
  6. mohittomar13

    Solved How to repurpose 20yr old pc

    I have an old PC that I purchase in 2002. It contains Pentium northwood 2. 4 gigahertz processor and 1GB DDR2 memory. As I have a new PC in 2013, i'am left with the hardware from this old PC. I searched online for the options that i have to repurpose it for some other use. One option seems...
  7. D

    Win10 can't see a specific computer

    I'm trying to connect my NAS to my windows 10PC. It can't see it in network I can ping it and my other computers are connected without a problem. This PC can see 5 other computers but not this one. Network sharing is on. Please help.
  8. J

    NAS Causing Mac to crash

    Hey everyone, Perhaps someone has experienced this before; I've been experiencing crashes at random since acquiring a new NAS system for an edit suite of 4 iMac post production workstations (all post 2015). It's a 12 Bay NAS by QNAP, optimized for 4 people : QNAP TVS-1282T3 12-Bay NAS 1 of...
  9. K

    some basic itunes questions from a techno-fool

    I am an old man who has a ridiculously large music collection. I have far more music from my old record collection than technological sense. I use itunes and Windows 10. I tried to ask these questions on the Apple forum and no one helped me... :( I have Apple Music, and my iTunes collection...
  10. J

    Intel NAS INNS04-4200

    Hi I'm new here and only getting into computer things and I was trying to set up a backup NAS to use with my windows & Mac computers. Mostly Mac. I bought a Intel NAS online and was told it was working perfect and would work with mac. After spending ages finally finding the drivers on Intel...
  11. A

    Cheapest option for 20TB+ of local storage space?

    From being about 15 until a few years ago I use to buy multiple DVDs every week (damn you HMV and Virgin 5 for £20!) Before my son was born we moved house and the room I made my office has this full length storage space running behind the wall so I decided instead of having shelves full of DVDs...
  12. D

    iMac on network makes Synology NAS disconnect

    Hello, I moved my computers to a different location and I set up a new network. There were a lot of issues with the NAS so I tried different solutions, nevertheless I am now stuck on this. The NAS works just fine as long as the only one iMac is not connected to the network, no matter if by...
  13. Doubledutch

    Brand New User - NAS related issues

    Hi all, I'm a brand new user to TechSupportGuy, hoping that I can get a resolve on an issue or at the very least get some answers. I need some assistance with regard to my Synology NAS device that is not accessible on my network. Some background first... I have a pretty basic media station...
  14. E

    Buffalo TeraStation/Adobe File Edit Permission

    Hi folks, I am the administrator of my small business network. We are using a Buffalo TeraStation for file sharing among our group of 5 users. One of our users has abruptly lost the permission to edit adobe PDF files stored on the NAS device. She is blocked from saving PDF files after...
  15. D

    Solved seagate nas OS JBOD setup help

    Hi i just got the "6 bay seagate nas pro" and I wanted to set up each drive individually so I have one drive and my wife has another drive and my kids all have a drive each without combining all the drives together. This is so if i want to upgrade a drive in the future i can. The set up with...