need help urgently

  1. A

    Microsoft store not launching and more

    Hi so i've been having the issue where my microsoft store does not launch. a pop-up just briefly appears and disappears when i try to launch the app but that's it. and a few other applications are also acting up this way. that's how i found out that the microsoft store isnt working; when i...
  2. B

    Trying to open a app on my cyberpower gaming pc

    For some reason when I click the app it won’t open for some time it was working if I click it multiple times a error comes up saying (“application is already being used or opened) I also have another problem.. when I game on my pc the game out of nowhere goes to a black screen and shows the...
  3. IsThisCallOfDuty

    PC won’t display output

    All the lights and fans in my pc turn on. But the problem is there is no display and when I first turn it on it shuts down then turns on. This normally means it is a cpu error and my motherboard couldn’t agree more becuase it has the red cpu light. Any suggestions? (I have done the following...
  4. Y

    No signal but pc is powered on

    I have a Dell Optiplex 7010mt and I gave it a rx470 graphics card and a new power supply it was ran fine for a week now but when I was using it the pc just shut off. So I clicked the power button it turns on steady white light but no signal to my monitor at all. I tried cleaning the ramm making...
  5. H

    Computer freezes up

    Hi guys! o_O(y):cry: Just created an account and i'm making this post just to know where is the topic that i can ask for some software problems! I will explain the problem: when i try to turn on the computer it runs normal and appears the log in screen, i log in and when the system is...
  6. A

    Got a Trojin on computer questions on security

    so recently i got a trojin on my computer, and I noticed that when i purchased something on my credit card and someone was using it, i scanned my computer and boom there was a virus, i fixed the issue with my credit card company on the fraud, which im guessing was caused by the virus, the thing...
  7. P

    External USB Not Working And Making Small Beeping

    I use an external hard drive to store PS4 games on now that the built in hard drive is completely full, however the external USB hard drive just stopped working and is making a small beeping noise. Its a Seagate M3 1TB external hard drive
  8. Y

    Solved Cannot install any linux operating system!!!

    First of all detail specs of computer : 6th gen core i7 6700K @4.00 Ghz Asus z170 Deluxe Motherboard corsair 16Gb ram @2400 Mhz Current OS : Windows 8.1 pro Tool I used for making USB Bootable : Linux USB Installer and Rufus Ok , So I have been trying to install any Linux based OS for quite...