need help

  1. W

    Monitor turns black please help!

    Hello, ive had this issue for about a month now, no pc crashes but certain games crash when this occurs. mainly Black ops Cold war and forza horizon 4. everything will be fine, with 144+ fps at 1440p but randomly i will get a black screen that goes away after a few seconds. the games that dont...
  2. HavingProblems.

    Not sure if this is Hardware or a Virus

    So, basically, I've been having this problem when I restart my computer. Earlier today, I bought an anti-virus premium (Avast). Then it said to restart my computer, after this I go and restart and when the screen loads up, a lot of my apps are deleted, I had to reinstall a lot of things, AND I...
  3. vTenzu

    No post/display

    I plugged everything in and everything had power. My gpu fan is spinning but I get no signal. I’ve tried taking it out and putting it back but nothing has changed what else do I try?
  4. S

    I'm having a overheating problem. Have changed thermal paste

    I have changed the thermal paste twice and it still goes to 74 and then shuts down after about one hour.
  5. T

    Solved Key board problem!!!

    Are the keys removable on an Asus c101pa Google chromebook? I tried lifting it to clean it and now it's lited on two sides and when you press on a certain spot it lifts and shifts in it's spot but it's still attached.
  6. X

    Windows 7 wont run at all

    my computer runs an MSI bios 4 and I currently can only access that on my computer. It gets stuck on the windows startup screen and refuses to leave it I have tried everything using safe mode and repairing computer and adjusting settings but still no luck. If you name it I have tried it but I...
  7. N

    Solved After switching from UEFI to legacy i cant boot to bios

    I've recently switched to legacy from UEFI in the boot menu B/C im trying to get my pc to boot from a thumb drive, the only reason I switched is B/C when I tried to boot from a thumb drive it told me that it was blocked by my current security settings now when I try to turn it on and press and...
  8. Z

    Need Help :)

    My pc is unstable when i play games. Fortnite runs good but cs:go and other games are very instable. For 30 seconds i got over 300 fps and then i got 30 fps, i've tried everything but it wont work. I have Nvidia Gtx 760 and AMD FX 8150 Eight-Core Processor 3.60 ghz. (Sorry for my bad english)
  9. BillHates

    Need help with my brother's laptop computer

    Sorry couldn't run SysInfo. My brother is having trouble with his 11 year old Alienware laptop. It runs Windows XP. The problem started today. Some reason the power didn't seem to work. You would press the power button it would try to power on but than it would power off after a few seconds. I...
  10. T

    I need help finishing my computer

    So I’m gonna be frank here and say I need so hand holding help because I am clueless on how to finish my computer. I had this uncle years ago who said he would teach me and help me start building a real gaming pc but than he had a kid and got busy. I have some nice stuff for hardware I do know...
  11. W

    Help! Making & controling ext.-HD with WIN OS for work

    I'm looking to control a separate hard-drive from our two PC laptops. I would like for this hard- drive to essentially be it's "Own separate PC" with windows OS, files, programs etc. I have always had issues with work files between computers. I don't like to send and share files because we end...
  12. N

    NEC Versa Lite FX problems

    I have this NEC Versa Lite FX laptop and my problem is it has no cd drive or floppy drive, the keyboard doesnt work and the laptop has no operating system, the laptop wont pick up a usb keyboard, I'm trying to get into the bios to set it to boot from usb, any idea how i do this without a...
  13. P

    External USB Not Working And Making Small Beeping

    I use an external hard drive to store PS4 games on now that the built in hard drive is completely full, however the external USB hard drive just stopped working and is making a small beeping noise. Its a Seagate M3 1TB external hard drive
  14. N

    Headset shuts down USB 3.0 ports

    For the last 2 days I've been experiencing some problems concerning sound on my PC. When I turn on my computer and go to 'Playback Devices' everything is looking fine, my headset shows up. When I play ANY kind of audio, it plays the first tone or two, and then it goes silent. After some...
  15. J

    Windows defender

    I'm stuck in a windows defender loop. My computer boots and immediately starts the windows defender program and start scanning my hard drive. Then after the scan is done the computer restarts and the same thing happens. I don't remember doing anythin different prior to shutdown I noticed this...
  16. R

    Solved Need help with drivers/ WIFI adapter

    so i uninstalled my wifi adapter drivers, i tried to reinstall but it will not work i have gone to the manufacturers website and downloaded the new driver ( but it wont let me install the driver i have taken a screen shot of the file i have downloaded and the device manager...
  17. J

    Upgrading computer( no signal after switching graphics card)

    I upgraded my PC got a new graphics card, new ram and a new power supply. I switched everything out and I get no signal on my monitor and when switching to my on board card I get no signal as well. Fans and systems powers on my monitor shows no signal and goes back to black screen. I need help...
  18. K

    Help aspire one won't go to main screen

    Hi i have a aspire one 725 it starts up after alittle bit i receive message error at startup please wait while we collect info after that its goes to a screen where it says automatic repair and then switches to a blank screen nothing after that it stays stuck i tried alt + f10 multiple times it...
  19. J

    Solved Stuck in endless loop! USB won't boot from BIOS!

    Hello, I have had this problem for several days and have exhausted myself trying to fix it. I've used all of the internet sources I could find but have been unable to fix it. The backstory is I was reinstalling windows 10 and I stupidly switched it off abruptly. I was given an error message on...
  20. T

    Pc Cpu help(gamimg)

    I realy need help with my pc. I have a EVGA gtx 750 ti super clocked, intel 2 core duo E8400 @ 3. 00GHz, 4gb ram and a 320 watt Psu. Now i have bought the gtx 750 and replaced it instead of a ****** gpu. But the cpu is bottlenecking the heck out of the 750. So i was wondering if Someone could...