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    I want to upgrade my laptop, NEED HELP

    HELLO GUYS! I need an answer . Can I upgrade my laptop? I know, that I can add RAM in it, but I think it will not change enything, couse I have 8GB already. can I change to more powerful parts? I am a gamer and editor, and the graphic card and processor are to slow for me now.. Should I buy a...
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    Any one have Exprience in FortiGate Firewalls

    Hi to all, I am new to this Forum and working as a support Engineer.
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    Boot Priority List HELP!

    Hello, I'm looking to fix my computer from an automatic repair loop, on windows 8. It was a sudden crash, and was not able to get in. It will not allow me to get into safe mode. It also won't let me go use a restore point, because I never made one. When I try to insert media, or window disk...
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    5amp Plug replacement help asap

    I have a sony vaio laptop but the plug in it has broke. The original plug was a 5amp fuse ss145/a. And was 250w 2.5v. The replacement plug I found was also 250w 2.5v and a 5amp fuse ss145/a. The plugs are exactly the same but just different branded and the top pin is metal like the other pins...