1. zorgan

    I'm looking for help to develop this script

    1. I have a windows 10 pro machine which I can run powershell scripts from, we use it as a server in the office 2. I have across a large area 100 touchscreens with software on them running 3. some machines have developed touchscreen issues but they are happening without me knowing until a user...
  2. L

    Two website - .co & .net, how to direct traffic to .co site

    Hi there My boss has two websites for his music side project - the older rudeaudio.net site and a newer rudeaudio.co one that has recently been created He's not really interested in the older one however when you type in his music alias name into Google, rude audio, the .net takes priority. He...
  3. M

    Quartz .net does not work when I inject dependency

    I am using Quartz .net v2.3.3.0 and Castle Windsor v3.3.0.0. I have a job which is dependent on a Service public class DemoJob : IJob { private readonly IService _Service; public DemoJob(IService Service) { _Service =...