net framework windows 10

  1. Jgamer1997

    .NET Framework error in SCP DS3 Driver

    So I've been trying to use my dualshock 3 controller on my pc for a while now but every time I try to run the SCP toolkit driver, this error pops up. I checked already and my pc already has the required .NET Framework version installed. I made this work on other pc's before and I don't...
  2. X

    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 installing error 0x800f0922

    Hello there, I tried to install some software that requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, and it says it's installing the program, but it's just not working and it gives me that error. I tried everything on the internet, and it's still not working - A list of what I tried: • Trying to do...
  3. M

    Net framework issues

    I use win 10 and i cant install .net framework 1.1 (something is canceling the installisation) i already have framework 4.0 but the programm wont start wantd version 1.1 argh i am so confused any solutions or help? I would appreciate it