1. EyobPc

    Digital Rights Error "WidevineCdm"

    Whenever I go on my chromebook and go to prime video on chrome, it shows a popup saying 'Digital rights error' and telling me to update widevine. But whenever i go to chrome://components there isnt any widevine component there. Ive tried everything in settings (like allowing sites to play...
  2. IllRVF

    Netflix Problem

    I cant open netflix on my laptop and on all my devices, but I can open any other website no problem! please help me, how do I fix this? It only shows " took too long to respond."
  3. BeforeTheRain

    Favorite TV shows that aren't on USA Netflix

    Content removed.
  4. C

    Password Lock Computer While Watching Netflix???

    Is there a way to password lock my computer while I'm falling asleep to Netflix so that no one else can use it? I want to be able to fall asleep to the lights/colors/sounds, but if someone in my house takes my computer before it falls asleep and after I'm asleep, I don't want them to be able to...
  5. K

    Video streaming sites not working

    Hi! Ever since I moved to this new place and connected to my roommates internet, my computer will not load any site that is primarily for video streaming. Netflix, Youtube, etc. Even Facebook won't load. Most sites will load but there is still issues when it comes to graphics and stuff, anything...
  6. F

    Solved Netflix is suddently blocked on my PC

    I have tried on all of my browsers but i cant get to the site. The app in Store is not working. But is working on all of my other PC, Phone and Ipad. It says that the site is not available. So it is not the network. And when i am trying to get to the nettlix help site. It...
  7. 3

    Netflix and others won't open on my wifi

    My Netflix app on my PS4 has stopped working. Won't open at all. Error message ui-800-3. Same goes for Amazon and YouTube. My phone also can't use Youtube. In short, I am unable to stream any video on my wifi at home. This seems to be confined to my broadband wifi as I can use YouTube on my 4G...
  8. C

    Arris sbg6580, ethernet lag, gaming plus netflix

    Hi guys, I have a Motorola arris sbg6580 modem router combo. I have a desktop pc and ps4 That I use mostly. My ps4 is used for streaming Netflix or YouTube while I game online with my pc. I also have a couple phones connected to the Wi-Fi. The ps4 an pc are usually connected by ethernet and...
  9. L

    Computer crashing after switching from league to Netflix

    Whenever I switch from league of legends to Netflix or hbo my computer crashes but it's not a regular crash with the blue screen but my screen will turn a random colour and the last thing heard through my headset will turn into a loud buzz that goes on forever till I shut down my computer. It...
  10. R

    Netflix ONLY streaming on my laptop

    Hey guys, I have a problem with my netflix streaming and I'm kinda sure that the problem is in my router (TP-Link) My MacBook pro is the only device that can stream the movies while both my LG G4 and my PS4 are unable to stream anything. The thing is that whenever I connect my ps4 to my...
  11. D

    Netflix Spends Too Much Time Loading

    Hey everyone - I'm not super tech-smart, but smart enough to follow simple instructions. About a month ago, Netflix started "loading" a lot during the middle of our shows. For example, every 5 mins, it would go back to loading and take another 1-2 mins to load. Here's our setup: Run Netflix...