1. J


    Hello, I'm a beginner in omnet++ and I want to integrate a code Bellman Ford c++ ( shortest path ) in omnet++ anyone can help here ?
  2. J

    final study project

    Guys I'm a student in informatic, specialist: system and multimedia, and I'm so confused to choose a subject,help me between: 1/ crypto compression 2/ CRISPR and deep learning your opinion plizzzzz !!!
  3. maya123

    I am a Chinese college student, plz help me.....

    I am a Chinese student. I am 21 years old. I majored in marketing. The teacher arranged an assignment and asked us to do a questionnaire about foreign countries. I heard that the Indian people are very enthusiastic, so I chose to be in India. Do a questionnaire, I hope you can help me, thank you...
  4. U

    How to set up W7 so I can access all the files from W10?

    Hi all, I have a main PC running Windows 10 and another PC that I just use as an arcade emulator running Windows 7. I want to be able to browse the entire Windows 7 PC from my main machine. When I've tried to set up the network I keep coming up against "you'll have to get admin permission"...
  5. B

    Computer won't connect to wifi. Other devices will connect.

    My laptop, phone, tablet all are able to connect and use the wifi I have set up, but my computer cant use the wifi. It's a Windows 8.1, 64 bit, 4 years old. I've had it connected to the wifi during all of this time but today after turning it on it stopped working. When I try to connect to the...
  6. D

    Fixing Invalid SSL Certificate

    As of right now I'm typing this from my mobile device as I am unable to access any SSL Secured Website through my PC. I've recently disconnected from a survey panel that asked me to install a digital certificate from Digital Reflection. They gave instructions on how to uninstall it by removing...