netwok discovery

  1. J


    Hello, I'm a beginner in omnet++ and I want to integrate a code Bellman Ford c++ ( shortest path ) in omnet++ anyone can help here ?
  2. D

    Internet Connection Problem from my phone

    Phone: Samsung S3 Neo Modem: Technicolor tg589vn v3 Hi, About a month ago I have suddenly stopped getting internet connection to my phone from only my internet (wifi). Other devices can connect to my wifi network and my phone can connect to different wifi networks. My phone does connect to...
  3. J

    Alfa AWOSO36NH can't find a specific network.

    Hi i have recently bought a Wireless USB adapter. I have done all the necessary works such as installing driver and others. the device is also working. but for some reason it cant find a specific wifi network though the internal adapter can still find it and connect to it. The wifi i am...
  4. weybrew

    No network discovery

    Even though I have Network Discovery enabled on my Win 7 (#2) computer, Homegroup does not find it. Homegroup doesn't list it on my Win 10 (#1) computer nor my #2 computer. Homegroup does find my #1 computer on both my #1 and #2 computers. I have Network Discovery enabled on both. What setting...