network attached storage

  1. Kferguson319

    Wanna cry files found

    I had a question about whether it's possible on a VPN and while I'm hardwired into my modem and had a dialer hooked up to my home phone to the mac...if someone could create a clone of what would appear to be just another one of my computers running on my home network if I had it running online...
  2. J

    NAS Causing Mac to crash

    Hey everyone, Perhaps someone has experienced this before; I've been experiencing crashes at random since acquiring a new NAS system for an edit suite of 4 iMac post production workstations (all post 2015). It's a 12 Bay NAS by QNAP, optimized for 4 people : QNAP TVS-1282T3 12-Bay NAS 1 of...