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    How do I set up a sub-network with an isolated device?

    Sorry if the title is not too clear! I work in a large organisation with a windows network. I currently use an Apple Mac that connects to the network fine and can access internet and shared drives etc. We're adding another Mac, so I need to set up a shared drive that both Mac's can access, but...
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    Connect Old external shared storage to router/computer

    I have an old Maxtor Shared Storage device (H01R300) that worked just fine yesterday. I used this device in the past as both an external memory and a network route for an attached LaserPrinter, so family could wirelessly send docs to printer. The device was recognized by the old router, and the...
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    Solved Cannot Connect to Network Drive After Installing Switch

    Windows 7 professional. Office network. 3 pc's, one pc is a workstation that also is the server for their hospitality software. Recently had printer connectivity issues from server to shared printer. Took a netgear router and installed as a switch to network the printer as there are 2 pc's at...