network help

  1. J

    Solved Devices cannot connect to my wifi

    My wifi has been acting up and most of the time the wifi shows that I'm connected to my laptop but the weird part is I am unable to connect to my playstation or my phone. Help! My service provider was unable to help and I'm panicking right now because I don't want this to be a permanent issue!
  2. D

    Was is this "loops" on network cables?

    I've heard from someone that having more "loops" on the cable increases the ethernet speed? I haven't really understand what he was saying back then that's why I don't even know what to search on the internet. Does this kind of thing exist? If so, then how does it work?
  3. TimTam2016

    Solved Computer doesn't recognise ethernet cable

    Hi, First of all, I will donate my last shirt to this site if anyone is able to help me with my problem! I've now been trying to fix my computer for over a week, reading dozens of forum posts on the issue, replacing things, but all with now luck :( So here is my problem, (I'm running Windows...
  4. K9man

    HELP ME AGHH!!!! (port forwarding)

    Ok so I've been trying for a could weeks to get port forwarding to work with my Netgear R6700 Nighthawk router. I've done the basic thing, go to advanced setup/port forwarding-port triggering blah blah blah. I've also set a static IP, i"ve opened the port in the firewall, i've reset the router...
  5. X

    Help running house wifi network through paid VPN service

    Hello, my family just subscribed to a paid VPN service and asked me to help figure out how to get the house's wifi network go run all traffic in the house through it. In short I guess we want the router to run through the VPN if that is possible. We have a netgear R100 router and the VPN...