network issue

  1. R

    Windows 7 couldn't connect to the network (LAN)

    in my office we have 2 LAN 1. office - gateway - connected pc = 5 , printer = 1 2. staffs - gateway - pc 15 so I have bought a new pc and connected to the WAN before connected to the one of my LAN , but what I do was I connected to the Office network with static a...
  2. faizeal

    layer 1 switch communicating but layer 2 not communicating.

    few devices are connected with our network with linksys 4 port switch (layer 2), then suddenly one particular devices stopped working. we tried dlink other linksys switches no use. that particular device still no communication. when we change to the normal switch (layer 1 hub - unbranded low...
  3. faizeal

    Network keep disconnecting after some time.

    one particular device in the network keep disconnect approx. after 30 min, sometime upto 3 hrs. working. after that device not pinging, no connection. if i restart the device, again start working for some time approx (30 - 3 hrs). when we check the network cable, it is in good condition and...
  4. I

    Solved Can't connect to wifi network after using youtube

    Hello, recently my father has had some trouble with every device he's been using, a laptop, a PC, and now his tablet cannot access to the wifi network. He only used them to watch youtube (due to an accident, he uses it to learn the language again). First it was the laptop, which was borrowed and...
  5. P

    Solved Wifi issues

    hi all, New to this site and hoping for a little help. Back story is I'm a medical student in the uk doing a placement in Australia, just arrived the other day and since I cannot get my laptop to connect to any router based wifi. I managed to get a connection after using a phone hotspot but...
  6. TimTam2016

    Solved Computer doesn't recognise ethernet cable

    Hi, First of all, I will donate my last shirt to this site if anyone is able to help me with my problem! I've now been trying to fix my computer for over a week, reading dozens of forum posts on the issue, replacing things, but all with now luck :( So here is my problem, (I'm running Windows...
  7. R

    Network Error in Lenovo A7000 smartphone

    getting low signal of network in both sim. sim is ok checked in other phones. how i solve this problem please help me?