network problems

  1. J

    Solved Ethernet cord not connecting, no blinking light

    My pc won't connect to to wired, I only have wired I don't have WiFi so I just made this account on my phone but anyways. usually that light will blink when I plug in the cord but it's not so I removed that battery in the motherboard and that didn't work but when I reset my router it went from...
  2. T

    Troubleshooting slow network speeds (FTTH)

    Hi, I got my Fiber line installed about 2 months ago. The offer I pay for says 1Gbits/s down and 200Mbits up. Naturally, I've never even gotten close to those speeds. At first, when the guy did his thing, I didn't have an Ethernet cable on hand (despite being a network and IT student...I know...
  3. Mastersnake39

    MSI GT70 Laptop connects to boingo wifi then disconnects

    Laptop will connect to iPhone tethering perfectly fine, but won't connect to Boingo network for more than a few seconds. Issue started about a month ago, each fix I try only works for a few days to a week before the issue happens again, and I can't use the same fix to take care of the problem...