1. R

    Inactive Random call with just a beep after visiting site

    Anyone that can help? a friend of mine visited stressthem on my pc, since then i had a call from a 044 number, no sound, just a beep. Is this a coincidence or has my data been leaked?
  2. W

    Mobile Hotspot Not Connecting

    Hi, I've been using my computer as a mobile hotspot for my devices (iPhone and iPad) but it stopped working and is showing to have "No Internet Connection" on my iPhone when I try to connect, despite my computer having no problems connecting with the internet. I tried troubleshooting the...
  3. Z

    Solved Ethernet Works Directly With PC but Not Through Switches

    Thanks in advance for any help. I live in a scholarship house on my school's campus with about 40 other people. We have a network closet in the house with the gateway, firewall, switches, etc. Every room has two Ethernet network ports connected to the network closet and are set up so that one...
  4. R

    New Wireless Router Help

    I have multiple PC's and Devices that can detect and connect to my 2.4 or 5 ghz wireless connection. My laptop on the other hand can detect every single wireless network in my home but the new router. I even tried to add the connection manually with no help. Uninstalled/reinstalled drivers...
  5. I

    Solved Samsung A41 Network Issue

    Hello. I have recently acquired a Samsung A41 phone and I noticed on Monday that it loses its network when I leave home, therefore, I can't use my sat nav app effectively. It works fine at home and in the garden. It's not just that it can't use data away from home, my sat nav app said it...
  6. O

    Wireless to wired internet connection

    Hi. I want to figure out what i need to buy and the best recommendations of how to get internet in my detached garage. I currently live in a 3 bedroom house and my modem/router is located in the front of my house. My current router gives me great WiFi throughout the house and I have no issues...
  7. A

    Pc won’t maintain WiFi connection after outages

    About a day ago I had a power outage that lasted around 2 hours, the whole time my pc was connected to an apc, not in use though because WiFi was out aswell. Today when I attempt to connect to WiFi my pc connects for a matter of minutes before dropping the network, I’ve tried restarting my...
  8. C

    Solved No permission despite permitted; device not shown in Network

    I have posted this same thread on various networking/computer forums, yet I have not gotten this problem resolved!!!! Please HELP! 1... My 1st desktop "desktop-kba" uses Windows 10, and it has no problem sharing files with my MacBook or vice versa (no issue; everything works perfectly between...
  9. billaston21

    My internet is dropping whenever I open a folder on my pc

    Whenever I open file explorer my internet connection drops to 0 for 5 seconds or so and then comes back. I have tried to fix this issue many times but any solution I found on the internet didn't work for me. I have tried all kinds of stuff like updating drivers, deleting suspicious programs...
  10. lawsob

    Do i need pcie card?

    I built my pc with a MSI b450m gaming plus which does not have wifi connectivity. I move around a lot and have always had trouble getting strong connections using wifi. I bought a ASUS USB-AC53 Nano USB Wireless adapter but due not having a DVD drive or wifi connection in the first place I...
  11. J

    Two Computers On One Network Issue

    Hello! This is my first post on a tech website so hopefully, there's someone savvy enough to help me with my issue. For the last 5 years, I have owned and played a PC with relatively few problems. My brother also has a PC on the same internet network. We have never been able to really play games...
  12. E

    Want to Use a third party router to get faster speeds

    I need sophisticated help with my network setup I’m running fibre optics in my home , I have a router supported by my ISP but I want to Use a third party router like a nighthawk through my home to get faster speeds... What operation do I need to do make this happen what are the steps and if you...
  13. henrymapper

    Wifi network selection disabled association rejection

    What should I do? If I'm trying to connect in my Xiaomi, it says just saved or disabled. I've been using this network for years and nothing like this has never happened before.
  14. Delwah

    Wireless access points

    Hi. I have Virgin media to my property and a router that provides a WiFi signal that works excellently. I have a cable from the router to a switch. This switch provides cat5 connections to (amongst other things) a wireless access point and another switch in the garden. This second switch also...
  15. K

    Is this normal?

    Use the Netstat command and see all these port connections, don't know if this is normal or google analytics is invading privacy.
  16. cjvdg

    Windows cannot access \\computer-name

    Hello! May I ask if what should I do with this network error? So I have 2 computers, PC1 and PC2, which are both connected to the wifi. I need to access the printer that is connected to PC1 in the PC2. Both computers didn't show on the network and shows the same error whenever I tried to connect...
  17. Kakeema

    Question about Wifi-adapters

    Hey, I'm kinda confused with how wifi adapters like netgear work when it comes to internet speed. From what I can tell it's used for faraway workstations or any devices which are far away from the router space, i understand that it can bring up the speed to the amount which you are supposed to...
  18. A

    A DNS server started automatically and block a lot of sites

    when I use my internet normally suddenly a lot of sites blocked like VPN and proxy sites and tor site and comments in youtube and give me" Restricted Mode has hidden comments posted on this video. " that, of course, adult sites are blocked that seems like I used DNS server yes I used DNS server...
  19. IhaveComputer

    Connected to wifi but says that I'm not

    Hello, can someone please help me with a problem i've had for over a year. So my audio hasn't been working for over a year now and i found out that it's because i needed up update my computer, the problem is, when i go to the settings to update, it says that I'm not connected to wifi even...
  20. Djombe

    DHCP/Ethernet problem

    I live in a dorm which provides internet access by wifi and ethernet cable. My wifi works and I can connect to my floor network but ethernet doesnt seem to cooperate. I tried netsh, ipconfig and other commands, didnt work. The troubleshooter sometimes switches from 'Windows could not...