networking issue

  1. M

    Teredo adaptor not showing up in "Add legacy software"

    I've been having Issues going online in Forza Horizon 4. Looking up about the issue, I found it was a Teredo Issue. Tried all the possible fixes and cmd commands on the internet but none have worked so far. Looking through the Device Manager I found that Teredo Adapter wasn't installed, so I...
  2. G

    Reinstall network adapter

    I can’t get any networks and it says to reinstall my network adapter, but the files that YouTube videos say to update, aren’t on my computer, I connected a lan cord from my modem to my computer and the WiFi still doesn’t find any networks, I’m not sure what to do, can anyone help me out?
  3. L

    My Spectrum isp is being taken over

    My computers are crashed and my isp is being taken over by a network with an arid router. How do I fix this?
  4. M

    Asus PCE-AC68 Can't pick up 5GHz wifi connection, Help!!!

    I have purchased the ASUS PCE-AC68 and it clearly says it picks up dual band wifi the 2.4 and the 5 GHz connection, but after i installed it it only picks up the 2.4 GHz connection, whereas my other devices they all can pick up the GHz connection, so clearly its not a router issue after i did...
  5. Oujisama

    networked USB Drive Attached to Router Issue

    How to change network drive permissions back to user 0 group 0 from user admin group admin? Can’t access any folders with the admin admin permissions on Mac or Windows Router is an Netgear Nighthawk r9000 HD is an 10tb WesternDigital OSs’ Windows 10 professional, MAC OS Catalina ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”...
  6. P

    Ping spikes over Wi-Fi every 15 seconds, no clue what to do

    Hi everyone, first time posting, so I'm sorry if there is anything wrong. Recently I've been getting consistent ping spikes every 5-10 seconds that last for a second or two. It's extremely frustrating when playing games online as I have a large spike that makes me and everyone jump around...
  7. Z

    Ralink RT5390 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter not connecting to wir

    My wireless driver it stopped connecting to my wireless network. I tried rolling back to the older verison,still refused to connect. I reinstalled the older version,but it still continues to not connect. I tried deleting the network profile and making a new one,but it still won't connect. The...
  8. K

    Router disconnects from internet every couple of hours

    Hi, so I am usually great with computers but bad when it comes to networking. So i had a problem with my router before in which it disconnected every 2 hours but I fixed it by changing the DHCP lease time. A few days ago, I have started using an ethernet connection via the router to my pc and...
  9. H

    Solved laptop not connecting to the wifi

    I've been lurking in this site for a bit and it seems like you guys have had this question come up countless times. I've tried some of the solutions there on my laptop, but it doesn't seem to work. yesterday I took my old acer aspire 5733z apart to clean out the fan. Nothing weird happened to...
  10. Y

    No internet access, tried everything. Please help!

    Last night my computer disconnected my mouse, keyboard and wifi adapter. After force-shutting off my computer since I couldn't manually turn it off due to my mouse not being connected anymore, and turning it back on, everything came back working just fine except my internet. It allows me to...
  11. JeffDixon83

    New VLAN on Notrel 5520 - Not accepting default IP/Route

    (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE FOR MORE DETAILS) I am in need of suggestions or tricks, on how i accomplished something in the past that i cannot replicate now. I have a CORE Stack of network that has a downlink of fiber to a 2nd stack of The stack, houses the...
  12. 1

    Need help setting up guest network

    Hello. I am new to the thread and this is my first post. So recently, I tried to set up another guest account on my wifi router. The model I have is an actiontech 1900 nighthawk modem which supports the ability to create separate guest accounts. However, I am having difficulty creating a...
  13. S

    Network Lan & Ethernet connection routers (server & router)

    Hello Guys... I'm here for some assistance regarding Networking thru Ethernet cable and routers. 1. Have set a desktop as server assigned an IP and configured it. 2. Have connected 2 clients within nearby range of distance (all is good going here) 3. Have a 3rd client PC quite far but the...
  14. K

    Router / Networking Issue, One side Ping not happening.

    Router Internal & Router Edge are configured with OSPF. Both are Learning Routes from Each other. Router Edge is connected with Internet with Static IP and There is an IPsec Tunnel between Router Edge and Router Remote. Remote PC can be Ping and Accessed by Router Edge without any issue. When We...
  15. D

    Fixing Invalid SSL Certificate

    As of right now I'm typing this from my mobile device as I am unable to access any SSL Secured Website through my PC. I've recently disconnected from a survey panel that asked me to install a digital certificate from Digital Reflection. They gave instructions on how to uninstall it by removing...
  16. T

    Can the avast firewall interfere with hamachi

    so my Hamachi stopped working and then I tried all the different networking fixes and none of them work so then I tried to use it on a different computer also has the Avast firewall installed and it still didn't work so that leads me to think that maybe the Avast firewall might be what's wrong...