1. M

    Wireshark on home network unable to see traffic

    I have a MacBook Pro Version 11.1 I am running Wireshark 3.4.2 I'm trying to see my cell phone traffic as my first Wireshark project. I go to Network diagnostics on the mac, and select the sniffer option and the icon changes to the eye. I used channel 44 with 80 ghz because that's the default...
  2. R

    Can't open port

    I'm trying to make a Minecraft server for a few of my friends and me to play on, but can't get port 25565 to open no matter what I do. I have done all the normal stuff, I have created a TCP/UDP profile in my router, I have made a new rule in my windows defender firewall to let it through. I have...
  3. V

    IP addresses being used for snowshoeing

    My IP is blacklisted on several spam registries as it is being used for snowshoeing. My iPad, MacBook and iphone X (both cellular and home network) are being used for snowshoeing apparently. I have scanned for viruses and received nothing, and completely wiped my mac. this doesn’t effect anyone...
  4. G

    Reinstall network adapter

    I can’t get any networks and it says to reinstall my network adapter, but the files that YouTube videos say to update, aren’t on my computer, I connected a lan cord from my modem to my computer and the WiFi still doesn’t find any networks, I’m not sure what to do, can anyone help me out?
  5. louulouu95

    Ethernet dosen't have a valid IP config

    I am really struggling here. My wired connection was fine up until a month ago. I have tried all the following with no luck. - Resetting PC - Updating BIOS - Bought a new motherboard (thought it might be my motherboard as the USB conections were off too) this did not solve anything although...
  6. LegolasDImir

    Replacing a network card

    Here are the specs Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit, Build 18363, Installed 20190716165251.000000-360 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5010U CPU @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4, CPU Count: 4 Total Physical RAM: 12...
  7. H

    Can’t connect to this network

    I’ve been able to connect my pc to same wifi network about 1 year now, however one day suddenly it just won’t connect. All my devices are able to connect to the same network and from same the location of where my pc is. I’ve reinstalled my network adapter and still doesn’t work. My tech friend...
  8. J

    Login failure: the user has not been granted the requested..

    I'm trying to share a folder between computers. The first computer has the file on it and I shared it with all privledges (read/write/etc..) for all users. It is a Win 7 home computer so its not a domain account. The second computer is on the domain. I get "\\computer 1 is not accessible. You...
  9. M

    NAT VPN HW Question

    Hello, I have a hw due for my computer class and I'm supposed to make a diagram that shows a laptop sitting behind a nat with a vpn server connecting to a netflix server but I have no clue how to do this. Any suggestions?
  10. Oujisama

    networked USB Drive Attached to Router Issue

    How to change network drive permissions back to user 0 group 0 from user admin group admin? Can’t access any folders with the admin admin permissions on Mac or Windows Router is an Netgear Nighthawk r9000 HD is an 10tb WesternDigital OSs’ Windows 10 professional, MAC OS Catalina ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ”...
  11. W

    Storj-- Networking

    I am trying to become a node operator. I had one router connected to a modem/router and was told that this could be a problem. I now am hooked directly to the modem/router and my internet speed has doubled. However, my att modem/router is giving me a hard time when I log into the admin page...
  12. Georgeskal

    Solved Trouble making a lan party

    Hello basically i have a room with 4 pc's in it and i want to be able to play games with friends on them so i hoocked them all up to a switch with cables and for some reason 3 of them connect but one of them doesnt i tried changing the the cables around and even changed the switch and the cables...
  13. Pizzle07

    Noob trying to Learn

    Hello all, I want to say I appreciate any help this may get me as I am trying to learn. I have a handful of older network equipment that I have acquired and I am looking to set it up for uselessness and to try and teach myself some things. I have been spending hours trying to configure things...
  14. 8

    Laptop with slow internet

    Hello Team, I have a network problem at home, I currently have 100 Mbps with a modem and a router attached to it which i ordered from my ISP because my internet didnt get to all my rooms, but there is a specific machine that always runs slow while connected to my local home wifi. I thought it...
  15. W

    Some sites are not working

    So various websites like reddit, twitter etc are not working. They show an error message like but when i restarted the router with factory settings they worked on my desktop PC but did not work on mobile devices. but the mobile opens reddit when on a different...
  16. Azrail

    Critical Structure Corruption ( Rtlihvs.dll error code 126 )

    While watching a simple video on fb I got the BSOD Critical Structure Corruption. After viewing it in Event Viewer it showed that during the time of the BSOD Rtlihvs.dll was at Critical error, which indicated at my TP-Link wireless USB that I use for my laptop. Some older thread showed it...
  17. C

    How to route VPN traffic selectively?

    I have to use Pulse Secure VPN and Remote Desktop Connection for my work from my home computer, but the VPN slows down my much faster local internet connection. How do I set it up so that the VPN is only used for the RDC traffic, and nothing else on my system? Thanks!
  18. W

    Help With changing hosts for a domain.

    I was recently assigned a project to migrate our landing pages from Marketo(a marketing automation tool which gives you the option of creating landing pages based on a domain chosen by you) to our wordpress server. Currently the networking and web devs have decided to clone all our landing pages...
  19. S

    How to set up modem router combo?

    So I had an old modem lying around from previous ISP which I managed to turn into a router 2 years back as an wifi access point and connected it into the new ISP modem and everything worked perfectly, had 2 parts of the house full wifi coverage. Recently there's been a storm and the power went...
  20. S

    Can anyone please explain this packet route trace?

    C:\Users\Sanchit Aggarwal>tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 77 ms 1 ms 1 ms 2 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms 3 * 550 ms * 4 3 ms * *...