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  1. S

    What's causing my PC to lag?

    I recently got a new rtx 2060 super and i5 9400F CPU and i've been experiencing lots of lag... why? Is the GPU causing the problem? I thought the RTX 2060 super can run most games smoothly without lag?
  2. taterjaxx

    Solved New Computer Advice

    Hi there! My apologies if this is not posted in the proper area. I am looking to buy a new Dell desktop and am looking for information on what I need to look for as far as performance (e.g. RAM, Hard Drive, etc.). It will be used for digital art, graphic design, etc., and several software...
  3. M

    Need help with recorded lectures on Adobe Connect

    Hi, I not able to watch recorded lectures on Adobe Connect. Other people are able to do so, however. I have tried everything on Adobe's website to solve this issue. I have also tried uninstalling the applications and re-installing them. I reset the laptop this morning, but to no avail. This is...
  4. N

    Brand new store bought PC rebooting when playing Overwatch

    As the title suggests, I bought this PC a couple days ago. Windows and Graphics drivers are all updates. Also tried to download drivers for the motherboard and was only instructed to download AMD Ryzen Master app that seems to only monitor my PC settings and temps. When I play Overwatch, the...
  5. B

    Problem with new build PC (Ryzen 5/ASUS Rog Strix)

    Hi, I am building a new PC. Everything was going fine until I tried to power up the PC. It didn't POST. The fans were spinning, no beeping and there was no output to my display. A few things went wrong in the build, especially a bit of spillage of the thermal paste but nothing that should...
  6. H

    brand new hp laptop is slow right out of the box

    I bought my fiancé a new laptop and the day we took it out of the box the laptop was slow and was using 100% cpu and disk and almost 100% memory
  7. S

    Which computer is best for creative purposes for £700-£800

    Hey, I’m looking for a computer to do digital art on for tattoo designing and although I am getting a Wacom tablet I need a computer and can’t always carry the Wacom around with me. My budget is anything up to £800 at the very max hopefully there is something suitable for £700 though. I would...
  8. B

    Solved New Work PC

    Hi, Just wanting some advice. Currently I am using a laptop for work: Processor: AMD A6-52200 APU Radeon (TM) HD Installed RAM: 8.00 GB (7.46 GB usable) Pretty basic, but has served me well for 5 years or so but is becoming slow so am looking for a cheapish upgrade. I am a physio - just...
  9. J

    Can’t connect to internet

    My son built his own gaming pc. He already downloaded windows 10. But he cannot connect to our internet. He tried downloading some drivers online, but we weren’t sure what to download. Now he has a bunch of random drivers on it, but still can’t connect. Can you help?
  10. perrijs

    New Dell Computer Shuts Down When Tipped Forward

    So this just happened...I bought a brand new computer from Office Depot. A Dell XPS 8930. As I was about to plug in my headphones to the back of the tower, I tipped the PC forward slightly to get a better view and it shut down. It booted back up, however, curious as I was...I tipped it forward...
  11. B

    Please help: computer freezes

    Hi, i just got a new conputer, and im having a bit of a problem with it. The computer screen freezes, and a loud buzzing noise sounds if i have any sound running. I do have my computer hooked up to a tv by hdmi, but there seems to be no problem with that. Im getting a little frustrated with...
  12. F

    Resolution not supported after Update, cant get to safe mode

    so the titel says it All, but here is the story: I recently bought a new computer. It Arrived yeasterday and as i was testing it out in the various games i noticed i had some lag and low fps. I investigatoren for updates and found a Windows functionality update. I let it Update and then shut...
  13. N

    3 months old laptop randomly shuts down

    Hello, I'm new to the forum, but I have been following it for some time. I seriously hope someone will be able to help me. Here is my problem: I bought a new ASUS laptop 3 months ago, and it was all okay until it started to shut down on its own ( about a month ago). I tried resetting Windows...
  14. FireGimp

    I'm starting to think I need a new computer

    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I got this computer built by a friend about 6-7 years ago, and has worked really well ever since. I have upgraded the processor since then as well as the RAM (to 12 GB). My biggest concern is I am about to start going back to college and need my...
  15. Taim

    Need help with video card update

    Hi all I am posting a thread here as I am very unsure what to do right now. Any help is really appreciated!! (Also, apologies if this thread is posted in wrong place) I just bought this self built gaming computer from a guy as I really needed a computer. It was quite cheap for a computer, came...
  16. P

    Solved Intel RST service is not running

    Hi I wrote here about a month ago. I had just bought at new computer, but it began having a lot of problems. Five days after I recived it, and after a lot of help from you guys in here, I sent it back. Now today I just got a new one. Yay.... right? Not exactly. Because I have spent a lot of...
  17. E

    Computer running loud after Corsair H115i installed

    Hello all, I recently built a computer and installed corsair h115i. The fans point towards the MB and I have 2 other fans on the bottom of the case. It seems really loud. I have tried download speedfans etc but controlling the fans dont work. It could be my gfx card fan? but I don't really want...
  18. F

    Installing Windows 7

    *I am only speaking of what I think I know, if something I say doesn't make sense, then its possible I'm interpreting my situation wrong" I'm currently in the middle of trying to install Windows onto a SSD. I just bought "Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit - Full Version" I...
  19. H

    Computer in 2 Different Languages, How to Correct

    Let me provide a bit of background first. I got a laptop in 2009 (Dell, Windows Vista), and in 2010 I changed the language on it to Spanish to help me become more fluent in it. I don't believe I ever reverted the actual changes on the OS for the language settings, although several Internet sites...
  20. M

    Asus F302LA-FN067H Ultrabook, 13.3

    Hi I'm currently trying to buy a new computer- I have no idea which one to get, as I have very limited knowledge on this sort of thing. If I am a student at University and I want to spend roughly 900- 1200 dollars on a new laptop is this a good one to buy...