new gpu

  1. lv200zofmain

    New GPU issues

    I brought a 1650 super yesterday dead expensive extra £40 and I went to install it and I did everything fine and I have no output anyone with a fix I have looked on YouTube and seen I need to buy a new PSU also I tried it on the motherboard and nothing there is displaying it was before it’s all...
  2. Jakub503

    Solved New GPU - PC doesn't boot

    Hi I upgraded build with a new gpu and problems occured, but first some pc details i5 2400 16Gb ram Gigabyte h61m-s2pv 500W psu 1Tb hdd Windows 7 So I switched from gt640 to GTX960 and it did not booted. Frozen on Gigabyte screen for a few minutes then black screen. I deinstalled the gpu...
  3. M

    New graphics card

    So I have an aces aspire 5 with a bad gpu. I need a cheap reliable gpu for a laptop which could run games like warzone as everything else in my computer is up to standard. Can you give me some suggestions of gpu which are good and under £100.
  4. D

    CPUproductivity has fallen after cleaning+newGPU-PSUinstaled

    I had the following system : Mobo : Foxconn Flaming Blade GTI CPU : Intel i7 950 3.07 GHZ GPU : AMD Radeon HD 7750 Storage : WD green 500 Giga PSU : Seasonic 520 Watt OS : WINDOWS 7 64-bit Recently I bought a GTX 1050 Ti And the day I installed the GPU in my system I also cleaned up my PC...