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    New graphic card - black screen-no windows booting

    Hi, so my old GTX 560Ti started to be faulty (artifacts and stuff on screen) so i bought RX 560 4gb. I put it inside the computer and started it. Theres the classic start up..and than suddenly black screen, light indicator on my monitor is blinking and windows is not booting. I have no idea what...
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    New graphics card underperforming

    Hi guys. I'm extremely confused and don't know what to do. Two days ago I got my new Zotac 1060 6GB Amp! and it was working great at first. I played like 4 or 5 hours straight with no problems at all. Yesterday when I tried to play it started giving me 8 fps where I got 60 the day before. I...
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    Installed new graphics card now pc wont boot into bios

    I put my new graphics card into my pci slot and when i turn on my pc it comes up the gigabyte start up where you can hit F12 to enter bios then it just turnes off and restarts and its a endless cycle. So i removed it and put my old one in and it does the same stuff when it was working fine...
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    Solved New GPU PC won't boot

    Hi there im new here and hope I can get some insights for my problem. I have recently bought a new graphics card, Powercolour RX480 4gb to replace my old Sapphire 6870 and decided to install it myself (I have no prior experience with building a PC whatsoever) What I did was to first uninstall...