new pc

  1. E

    New pc installing windows

    My gf just build a new pc and shes trying to install windows so shes went to the website and put it on a usb but when she plugs it in to the new pc and goes to bios to put the usb as the #1 boot option it doesnt boot the windows from the usb
  2. Jakub503

    DPC Watchdogs Violation (Windows 10)

    Hi, I'm writing in behalf of my friend who's got this problem with bluescreens on new PC (new everything, pretty high-end build) The PC crashes with black screen, the BSOD does appear but only after a few minutes of black screen. The code says DPC Watchdogs Violation. The problem occurs only...
  3. J

    new pc does no display

    hi i recently built a new amd pc and after doing all of the bios updates and etc. it turns on but no display on monitor. i have tried the "clear CMOS" and after doing that i was able to get into the bios. but then after, it would still not show a display on my monitor. the pc turns on perfectly...
  4. D

    New PC resetting during Windows setup but stable in BIOS

    I've recently built a new pc for my friend and all was going well, I finished and turned it on for the first time and entered the BIOS with ease. I connect my USB with a clean Windows on it and as I start to set it up, the PC just shuts off and resets, it's been doing this for 3 days now and...
  5. H

    The most bizarre and challenging problem you've encountered

    Hello, a very strange problem seems to occur with both of my PCs when I try to run them at my school campus. They sometimes turn on and sometimes don't fully turn on - the motherboard light is on but the boot process doesn't go any further. This problem doesn't happen with other PCs running...
  6. P

    Solved New PC shuts down

    Hey! So I am very confused, I just built my pc with some savings, and now it results that when I play any game, and move it to a decent quality, the PC shuts down, and I dont want to mess up the hard drive, so I am asking for help since I am going crazy and my head hurts after trying so hard to...
  7. B

    Problem with new build PC (Ryzen 5/ASUS Rog Strix)

    Hi, I am building a new PC. Everything was going fine until I tried to power up the PC. It didn't POST. The fans were spinning, no beeping and there was no output to my display. A few things went wrong in the build, especially a bit of spillage of the thermal paste but nothing that should...
  8. W

    Solved New PC Software Troubles

    So I just built a new pc and have all the parts put together, everything seems to be working but when I boot it up, my connected monitor says there's no signal. Do I need to install a bios, is it already on the motherboard or is it related to the disk that came with the motherboard. When I put...
  9. B

    Specs not working HELP

    I build a pc for 2k few days ago and im having problems with it The pc for some reason cant handle cs go, battleground and ark survival in high graphics even though i have top of the range specs such as i7, 16g ram, 4 effective cooling fans and a graphic card that costed 1k i forget the model...
  10. LestervdMerwe

    New PC causes worse lag when we are playing online ...

    Hi there guys So this post is a bit of both , gaming and network problems SO my girlfriend and myself play a lot of Dota 2 and after she was playing for a long time on a 10 year old pc we decided to buy a newer PC Its was not the best PC specs wise but it was DEFINITELY a upgrade from the old...
  11. Gerrod

    Solved Keep current hard drive?

    Im in the process of building a new PC for the first time and i was wondering would it be ok to just use my current hard drive as is meaning just install and go so i don't have to reinstall everything
  12. N

    Solved Great new PC - Lagging in all games.

    Recently I've built a new PC, buying all new parts except for my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660ti that I was using in my previous build. I'm keeping this until I purchase the GTX 1070. My Specs are: OS: Windows 10 Pro Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz Motherboard...
  13. Addiead0725

    New PC Build: Opinions Wanted

    Good afternoon, TSG: I was hoping for some final thoughts on my new PC build. This will be my second (personal) build, since I modded out a dinosaur in high school, and wanted some brutally honest opinions on the hardware I picked out so far. This PC is basically being built for powerful...