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    screen flashing nextbook 10 windows 10

    My screen has been tearing and showing black boxes for months now. It sometimes gets so bad that it makes my computer crash. It's so bad that at this point that I cant operate my laptop for more than 10 minuets before it crashes. I'm not sure if it's a problem with Windows or my computer, but I...
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    nextbook 10.1 black screen boot

    so I acquired a nextbook 10.1 with windows 8 on it. I upgraded to windows 10. I wanted to take windows 10 back to original install so I used that option in the windows recovery. now my nextbook boots to a black screen. I have touch support on it and the keyboard works. I made a windows 10...
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    How do I boot my laptop from my sd card (getting ubuntu)

    My laptop is a Nextbook touchscreen laptop/tablet and I'm trying to get Ubuntu