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    Operating System Not found

    So, I've been using a laptop on windows 10 that is from my old job for quite some time now, and I've ran into minimal issues. But recently, our business closed for legal issues and we were told to keep the laptops. However, the administrator network was not removed, so I couldn't install any...
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    Loop: Administrator inaccessible & Windows not installed

    Well not sure what happened but I think this problem relates to this topic so here's what happened. Basically for months now my laptop kept restarting randomly sometimes 1-3 but mostly only once and it happens a few seconds or minutes after the boot up. There are no event logs or warnings and...
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    Possible Virus Affecting Net

    I believe my brother might have some sort of Malware or Virus affecting our internet. Everytime he even opens his laptop (he doesn't even need to be using Chrome or anything to do with the internet he just needs to be connected) my internet turns terrible. I will be on a game and have 20-30ms...