no boot manager

  1. Mommaof5

    Help! No bootmgr, won't read cd rom drive, no OS

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with an issue I'm having. Back story: I'm working on an HP Pavilion DV6700, s/n: CNF7504N4G 64 bit and I believe it came preinstalled with Windows Vista, was then upgraded to Windows 7, then to Windows 8.1 about six to eight months ago and then about a week ago...
  2. P

    So many probs. Not starting W7: BootMgr is Missing | No Boot

    Long story short, Acer Laptop Win 7 Home Prem. X64 was working fine & then I dropped it five feet from the ground. Then when I started it hung on the Win 7 Logo. Then I inserted the reinstall USB & entered command prompts & now it's not even displaying a logo. I'm assuming something in the...