no bootable device

  1. J

    When PC boots up it sometimes says no bootable device

    I don't really know what kinda of problem this is so I assume it's a hardware problem. This keeps happening randomly, but sometimes my pc boots fine. I have tryed a lot of different things and none of them worked.
  2. Tiaaaaa

    My laptop says No bootable Device (Windows 10)

    My Acer Aspire 3 (A315-31-C7CF) says no Bootable devices. What do I do?
  3. goatboyy

    Boot device error

    Using an older lenovo with windows 10, whenever I turn it on I get a black screen with a blue box that says "default boot device missing or boot failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key then select 'boot manager' to choose a new boot device or to boot recovery media." I press enter or...
  4. J

    Solved Cannot Boot my laptop

    It says no bootable device. So I’m guessing my laptop cannot detect my hard drive as I turn it on. My model is: Aspire 3 A315-51 series. Can you please send me the following steps to follow as I have important projects due by the end of next week. Thank you
  5. D

    No Bootable Device-Bricked Acer Laptop

    Hello all, This will be my first post on this forum. Having said that, please forgive any bluntness, ignorance, or failure to conform with community protocol. So, first of all, this whole conundrum was caused by my inability to control my curiosity- I bought a 17"Acer Predator a few months...
  6. S

    Need help!!!

    I'm new to this site and I did not know where to post this at but I have a laptop that will not boot up and I don't know why. Below is an image attached. If you can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it I've tried everything I can think of I cannot figure it out I also do not have the...
  7. P

    So many probs. Not starting W7: BootMgr is Missing | No Boot

    Long story short, Acer Laptop Win 7 Home Prem. X64 was working fine & then I dropped it five feet from the ground. Then when I started it hung on the Win 7 Logo. Then I inserted the reinstall USB & entered command prompts & now it's not even displaying a logo. I'm assuming something in the...
  8. D

    Dell Inspirion 15 Black Screen No Mouse

    Can someone please help me. After a certain windows 10 update, the update failed to install, everytime. I finally decided to reboot my computer... but now I cant even operate it. Please help me.