no bsod

  1. T

    Windows 8.1 reboots when accessing files and scanning

    Hey guys, I REALLY need help. My pc boots to desktop fine, but it will suddenly restart when: - accessing my Downloads folder (I moved all the contents of that folder in Safe Mode [where it was fine] to a different folder and the problem followed it) - sometimes accessing other folders (but not...
  2. K

    PC random reboots during gaming

    Hello, I bought a gaming PC from Amazon 2 years ago, and the following issue has always plagued my computer. The PC reboots on numerous occasions such as if I'm watching a YouTube video, or using Chrome and Spotify at the same time, or even Chrome on its own. It happens most frequently when I...
  3. melvinpoh

    PC random restarts no bsod

    My pc started restarting itself at random timings. No bsod no overheating. I thought it was a software problem at first hence i clean installed OS but problem still happens.Did memtest86 0 error but problem still occurs. Checked up PSU output using HWinfo and results are normal.Took out my gpu...