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    Pc won’t start up correctly

    So when I turn on my pc, nothing get’s shown on my screen, also the mouse and keyboard have no lights in them, as if they are not connected. If I try to take the cable out and plug it in again, a light Will appear for one second and then dissapear. Not sure what to do about this, since I have...
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    Windows 10 "can't connect to this network"

    Hi there, Recently moved house and the PC was currently connected through ethernet. Now having to use wi-fi to connect and it did this very briefly and since we can't connect. We have even bought a new WiFi adapter as we thought the issue was there. We have also reset the PC to see if that would...
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    0MB/S download speed

    I’ve been having this issue for almost a year now where my download speed will randomly cut out and not download anything 0MB/s. When it is working I’m getting 8mbs this is with an Ethernet cable however after 10 minutes it will cut out and give me nothing, all other devices work and have good...
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    Internet service continuously dropping

    Hello everyone. I have internet only service from Antietam Cable in Hagerstown, MD. We recently bought our home in April 2018 and they pulled new coax from the underground hookup branch and into our home. The internet worked well for around 8 months and then the cable company has had nothing but...
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    iLive home stereo system model IHB624B

    The bluetooth connection stopped working on it. I have tried resetting the system by unplugging it and holding the power button for 30 seconds. It still didn't work. When I changed the source to bluetooth the symbol will show then disappear right away. Is this fixable?
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    WiFi not showing up on Network Options

    When I first got internet I was able to connect through WiFi. In the past month I have not been able to connect and the router will not even show up on my network list. When I troubleshoot it says that all I have available is Ethernet, which is not connected. Can anyone tell me what happened and...
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    Cyber power pc won’t connect to monitor or mouse

    I was setting up a server and I moved my monitor over to my Linux box and set up the server, then I brought my monitor back to my cyberpower pc and plugged everything in. I turned on the pc but they didn’t have connection and my mouse doesn’t light up either. I’ve tightened the connections...
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    Both download and upload speed of wifi are 0 mbps

    Hi can someone help me how to fix this? I'm using TP-Link wifi WR940N V2... Their page won't help me because they can't even open the inbox... Can someone help me how to fix if both Download and Upload speed are 0?
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    Huawei HG8245 Can only reach google.

    Hey guys, My new wifi router got installed some days ago. Everything works fine for all wifi devices and smartphones. I just connected the machine of my Girlfriend and I only can reach google websites. I tried to connect to the Router configuration by typing the IP into my web browser but I...
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    Linux VPN in Vitual Box stops loading pages

    Hey everyone, Ive been searching the net for 2 weeks tring to solve this problem and everything I have tried has failed!!! Firstly, Im running a Linux Debian based distro in a virtual machine on my Windows 10 laptop, no problems. I can run the browser in the Virtual Machine and load pages just...
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    Samsung M2070FW laser printer wireless not working

    Hello. I have a Samsung M2070FW that supports a wireless connection. This worked when I had Midco internet. I have since disconnected my internet service and use either my phone or my laptop at the library with free internet. Since discontinuing my internet service I have a router which I...
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    No Ethernet connection on my laptop

    Hello, I have a problem concerning my laptop to internet connection. For the past two weeks I tried to fix it. I was able to fix it for a day or two and then it again doesn't work. Sometimes when I shut it down it starts to work fine again for about 20 to 30 minutes and then it again loses...
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    No network connections

    Just a quick question. I've bought a new gaming pc which I have no managed to set up the only thing that's not working at the moment is the Internet I've looked it to it and relised that I needed an Ethernet cable to connect the router to the computer but my router is downstairs I've bought a...
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    Desktop is on but no response on computer.

    Hi, i am having a really hard time with my computer , i have been using it over 2 years and recently the computer didn't wanna turn on. It happened couple of times, The desktop works but the computer wouldn't turn on . so i tried moving the video cable around and after 5-10 min it would suddenly...
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    PLEASE HELP!! Dell Laptop Won't Connect to Internet.

    I am referencing a 3 yr old Dell Inspiron 3520. It's running on Windows 10. The laptop was working fine, if not a little patchy yesterday, I closed it, then opened it up about 20 minutes later and suddenly it wouldn't connect to the internet. On the bottom bar, the Wi-Fi connection symbol has an...
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    No connection is available only on my laptop.

    Before I Start I have no experience nor knowledge about computers. My internet won't connect. It shows grey bars with a red X on it. I've tried going to device manager uninstalling my WiFi adapter than restoring it. I've tried hooking up the Ethernet cord to my laptop, still nothing. A button on...