no headphone jack

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    No headphone Jack on tv

    Hi I have got a new Tv with no Headphone socket I need to connect my stereo to my tv so I can watch live tv ect but all my tv has are Hdmi sockets can you help thanks
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    Headset or microphone i can hear them but they cant hear me

    Hello guys Im using acer aspire e1-522 model , the problem is when i plug the micophone or the headset i can hear anything like music or recording something , or a website like chatting voice recording or something like that , i can hear the people but they cant hear me i dont know why , please...
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    which phone should i get??wait for iphone 7??

    I am going to get a new phone but really confused what to get..I am using iphone 5s..I will use my phone for -listening to music (mainly) -for call -social media etc but i don't want big screen phones,,not more than 5 inch..I want to get one of these phones 1.Iphone 6s 2.ZTE axon (but screen...