no keyboard/mouse

  1. T

    No mouse or keyboard recognised

    hi, so I have just system restored my Computer but left my personal files etc so it wasn’t a full reboot. Anyways now my mouse and keyboard aren’t recognised, it starts up but as soon as I get to signing in nothing works?
  2. C

    No control past bios

    i recently bought a new mobo(gig h370 hd3) and a new cpu(i5 8400) I kept the same sshd, gpu and etc. I booted up the pc and got into bios fine everything was working. As soon as I got out of bios and into the windows login I can’t use my keyboard or mouse(lights are still on) I have tried the...
  3. Zunicorn

    Help ASAP PC is on but no display to monitor and keyboard and mouse dont work

    Recently, my computer has been messing up lately and it doesnt seem to work as per usual. The symptoms are that when i turn it on, all the fans work inside and all but my monitor doesnt display anything and along with that, my keyboard and mouse dont work. I've tested with another monitor...