no operating system

  1. Mommaof5

    Help! No bootmgr, won't read cd rom drive, no OS

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with an issue I'm having. Back story: I'm working on an HP Pavilion DV6700, s/n: CNF7504N4G 64 bit and I believe it came preinstalled with Windows Vista, was then upgraded to Windows 7, then to Windows 8.1 about six to eight months ago and then about a week ago...
  2. N

    NEC Versa Lite FX problems

    I have this NEC Versa Lite FX laptop and my problem is it has no cd drive or floppy drive, the keyboard doesnt work and the laptop has no operating system, the laptop wont pick up a usb keyboard, I'm trying to get into the bios to set it to boot from usb, any idea how i do this without a...