no post

  1. vTenzu

    No post/display

    I plugged everything in and everything had power. My gpu fan is spinning but I get no signal. I’ve tried taking it out and putting it back but nothing has changed what else do I try?
  2. GamerBlackAcid

    Motherboard shows Memory Error and doesn't POST

    Hi everyone, I have a BIOSTAR TA880GB+ motherboard. Link for the motherboard product page can be found here. And the manual is inserted along with this post. I am planning to use this motherboard for another PC as I recently got a new motherboard upgrade for my main PC. The PC which i built...
  3. A

    PC boots but doesn't post

    Pc seems to be booting but doesnt post anything to the screen. I bought a new ddr3 ram and a used motherboard. What I tried -breadboarding -clearing cmos -removing battery/replacing battery -plugging to the motherboard and gpu -checking the sticks one by one on different slots The psu, cpu...
  4. X

    No post cpu light on

    Hello so I am not getting a post just built a PC myself I don't even get beeps the PC turns on the rgb turns on power fan starts up then stops. Then cpu light on mother board stays on I have already switch the mother and cpu to a new one yet same problem
  5. D

    Wierd no post

    So i built a new gaming pc for my brother. However it doesn't boot(no post) but the wierd thing is that sometimes it boots but only when the psu is outside of the case or if the whole computer is outside basically no case at all but everything else is there. Whenever I put everything inside the...
  6. D

    PC Won't Start

    Hello, I need help diagnosing/solving why my PC doesn't start. B4 some one throws out the obvious yes its plugged in and turned on. I'll start the story from the top. Specs: GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 04G-P4-3966-KR 4GB MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3P (rev. 2.0) AM3+ AMD 970 CPU: AMD FX-8350 Black...
  7. C

    CPU Stopped Working

    So, about a month ago after a night of gaming, I knocked my pc off as usual and went to bed. In the morning, I went to turn on my pc but there were some issues. For one, the LED around the power on button was not lit up, and the fan on my graphics card was not spinning, and so I had no display...
  8. Z

    no post and RAM failure LED on mobo after unplug

    Asus b450-F AMD Ryzen 2600 EVGA gtx 1060 Corsair CX 450 M Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2x8GB (16GB) 2400MHz so a month or so ago my power went out for a day or two and after it came back my pc would't post and showed a constant yellow indicating ram failure. so after replacing all parts with...
  9. L

    New PC gives me no Display/POST

    Hi everyone, recently I've built my own PC after ordering all the parts. It was hard but at last I got it to turn on, fans were working and LED lights were on. However, when I then tried to connect a monitor to get into the BIOS and start installing Windows 10, my monitor was receiving no...
  10. N

    Reboot and select proper boot device

    One of my hard drives started to fail (using 100% of the drive when accessing anything) and I recently purchased another drive to back up the media from the failing drive. My OS is on a separate ssd and is first on the boot order. The pc posted a few times but required the failing drive to be...
  11. S

    PC won't boot into BIOS

    Hello there! I'm looking for some help with my new system. It's the first one I've built and don't have a clue why it is not booting into the bios. I've taken it apart and put it back together again, sticking close by to the installation manual but nothing seems to the working. The cpu and...
  12. Mr. Freeman

    PC Won't POST, Fans Spin

    Hiya, Here's what has been happening: PC won't POST. I can't get to Windows or even the BIOS. This has been an ongoing, intermittent (on/off) problem which seems to have now become permanent. There are no beeps when powering on. I replaced the PSU with a new CoolerMaster one in an effort to...
  13. H

    What to replace in my pc

    About 3 nights ago I was at my PC and my wife came to say goodnight and dropped a glass of water on it, soaking everything. I manually turned it off right away, dismantled it and left it beside a radiator for about 30 hours (far enough away that it wouldn't burn anything). It looked dry all over...
  14. N

    No Post No display after CMOS CLR

    Updated with system specs: Expert/Advanced Help needed. Tried everything? The display was working, until the PW and CMOS were cleared. I can't get it to post/boot so I cannot verify below, but I believe it to be accurate. Dell Inspiron 660,64 bit, Intel Core i5, Intel B75 express chioset...
  15. W

    Fresh Build NO VIDEO OUTPUT - VGA light and q-code 62

    Building for a friend and stuck Maximus VIII Hero i7-7700k Teamgroup tforce vulcan 2x8gb (TLGD48G2400HG14BK) EVGA Geforce GTX1080 Hard drive + ssd etc.. Built system and tried booting. During post the mobo 'VGA led' turns on upon hitting code 62 (yes 62), then briefly flashes code 72, then...
  16. K

    Help: PC won't post after 5 gHz OC!

    I'm just a complete amateur in Overclocking and I just watched a quick tutorial on overclocking to 5ghz for my FX-6300: SPECS: Wooden floor and table, PC sits under table thermaltake armor mx+ old case EVGA Supernova NEX650G 650w "80+ Gold" PSU AMD FX-6300 EVGA GTX-970 SSC Corsair...