no safe mode

  1. wonjon

    Solved PC won't boot/black screen and cursor

    Yesterday I had a windows update, and I was able to restart my pc fine. It didn't fully update so I let it update and shut down so i could go to bed. Today I'm not able to boot my pc. I get a black screen and I can move my cursor. And occasionally the cursor has the blue loading circle and it'll...
  2. F

    Resolution not supported after Update, cant get to safe mode

    so the titel says it All, but here is the story: I recently bought a new computer. It Arrived yeasterday and as i was testing it out in the various games i noticed i had some lag and low fps. I investigatoren for updates and found a Windows functionality update. I let it Update and then shut...
  3. T

    Can't Boot After Unchecked # of Boot Processors in MSCONFIG

    Please forgive--I only have cell access: Win 10 build 1607 w/last week's update Toshiba Satellite laptop A665 BIOS: Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup ver. 2.30 Trying to solve problem, in MSCONFIG> boot tab > advanced settings > I unchecked # of processors to use at boot. Now can't boot...