no signal detected

  1. Keck20

    Graphics card is not giving signal

    I thought that my hdmi to vga adapter broke because i got no signal on the monitor and i tried with other pc and its didnt worked either,so i bought a DVI-D to VGA adapter for my monitor,and still no signal but when i pull out the graphics card the integrated graphics is working
  2. User7

    My Hardware spontaneously died on me

    Basically on my windows 10 PC I played a game and after I was finished I turned off the computer. As I turned on the computer it was running, I didn't pull out any cables and did not even use the keyboard or mouse before. The first bad sign was the no signal sogn on the monitor that worked at...
  3. G

    No monitor signal after installing new GPU

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with a big issue i am having with my GPU. I brought and installed a new graphics card today but in my error forgot to uninstall the previous (built into the processor) graphics card that was running on my PC. This caused there to be no...
  4. deezlo89

    Can someone tell me what this mean

    I've had on going connection issues for months. i constantly have to reboot my modem for it to work properly. i recently fond this log and was wondering if it was showing the issue im having
  5. J

    Pc Wont boot up, No BIOS

    I've had a problem with my computer for a little while now. Whenever I power on the pc, It wont display a signal to the monitor at all. All the fans and everything seem to power up just fine. But the computer won't do it's power on self test, or boot into the bios. Ive tried replacing several...
  6. J

    Solved No Signal Detected

    Hello. Please help me, I just upgraded my Operating System to Windows 10 in a Tech Shop. After upgraded I went home and check my new operating system. After I connected all the things/wires/cables, my monitor says no Signal detected and the cpu is ON. Please help me what to do. I'm using 2 End VGA.
  7. Y

    No signal but pc is powered on

    I have a Dell Optiplex 7010mt and I gave it a rx470 graphics card and a new power supply it was ran fine for a week now but when I was using it the pc just shut off. So I clicked the power button it turns on steady white light but no signal to my monitor at all. I tried cleaning the ramm making...
  8. B

    No signal between monitor and PC

    I can’t get a signal from my computer to my monitor, I have built my own pc and I had this problem not too long ago and it had to do with the cpu, I knew it had to do with the cpu because my motherboard tells me if something isn’t working but this time it hasn’t said anything. I readded thermal...
  9. H

    Solved Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard not connecting to PC

    While using my PC last night my monitor froze and and neither my mouse or keyboard were responding. I held down the power button then went to sleep. This morning I tried turning it on and received a no signal message on the screen as well as no lights on my keyboard and mouse turning on. All...
  10. C

    No signal to monitor!

    So I turned my PC on and there's no signal to the monitor. Checked the channel, fine Swapped hdmi cables, still nothing Tried a different monitor, nothing again So I open up Spartacus mk.II and have a gander, Both lights are present and white on the graphics card (asus r9380x strix) and the fans...
  11. R

    No post or DVI signal after replacing RAM, CPU Debug Light

    I had recently taken out my RAM stick to replace it, but after that I started getting "No DVI signal" on my monitor. Placed original RAM back into its socket and same thing occurs. Now the CPU debug light on my mobo is constantly lit whenever it's on. The fans/led all turn on as well as my...
  12. A

    No Signal to my monitor

    Just last night I had switched out my RAM from 4GB to 8GB when I booted up my computer I went in to the BIOS and also boosted my fan speeds to 100%. Once I closed the BIOS the screen went black and I waited for it adjust but it never did. So I turned off the computer, tried unplugging one of the...
  13. E

    No signal but pc is running

    I recently added a new hard drive to my pc and while it was open I decided to clean it out with comopressed air and also I added a shock protector that I never got around to adding. Since then when I turn on my pc, it lights up like normal and the fans spin and everything, but the monitor says...
  14. S

    No Signal after signing in on Windows 10

    Ok, I am very new to computers and have built my first custom PC. Things have been going relatively smoothly until I installed windows. Now, when I boot it up normally and put in my password, after a few seconds of being on the homescreen, my display goes black and says no signal while the PC is...
  15. H

    No Signal Monitor

    Hi! I'm building my first gaming PC. This is what I have: AMD RYZEN 5 1500X 3.5GHz Quad Core Processor MSI-B350M PRO-VDH ATX AM4 motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (1) DDR4-2666 Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050Ti 4GB graphics card...
  16. O

    Monitor Displays Black Screen

    Before this happened my PC was running perfectly so im guessing it must be the Hardware fault but my problem is that when I boot up my PC, the monitor shows 'no signal' and my mouse and keyboard's LEDs do not turn on (the monitor is connected theough VGA (PC) to HDMI (Monitor)). I have recently...
  17. H

    Pc looks to have turned on but no signal and no system beep.

    Hello , If you did read the the title you may of found out that my computer looks to of turned on ( all fans spinning, gpu leds and fans on , External and Internal leds are on. But the monitor only reads no signal. I have tried swapping mointors i tried three diffrent ones as well i swapped my...
  18. C

    Solved Weird Monitor Connection + Graphics Card Problem.

    Hi Guys, So I've had my PC for about 3 years now and had absolutely no problems with it. It has always been connected to the same BENQ montior via a HDMI cable and has been able to play every game proficiently. But all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago, my computer began acting strange...
  19. J

    Monitor receives no signal from PC, with bizarre twist.

    G'day. Recently I built an entirely new PC from scratch. I also have an older PC that I built. Upon finishing the build of the new PC, all systems boot perfectly, no beeps, keyboard works, temps are normal (displayed on motherboard) except that my monitor receives no signal through the graphics...
  20. B

    Solved Monitor does not receive signals.

    Hi guys, I'm not too much of a tech savvy so I won't understand everything but I'd like to thank everyone in advance for any support I can get. Recently the PC that I built on mostly second hand components is failing to send signals to my monitor. Everything had been working perfectly for the...